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chinese tradition [Copy link] 中文

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Out there is full of meaningless books, articles and discussion about chinese horoscopes, fengshui, simbology, bagua, etc.

In western countries what is known about chinese culture is most of the times misleading if not absolutely wrong.

I'm looking for someone with who I can discuss about chinese tradition without having lectures about how to make my life happier. I'm not looking for easy answer.

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I have great interests.

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laozi is a great person ." dao fei chang dao "he is sages of chinese . i think china had strong infulence by the dao jiao . when we talked about the chinese history . it often said 5000 years. every chinese are proud of that . i also appreciate the art of war. suizi a lot .

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About Laozi~

I am also interested in Chinese traditional culture some of which are very mysterious and I cann't understand,but they absorb me a lot.I'm major in philosophy but regretfully I just know a little about it.Now in my everyday life,I'd like to read magzines and newspapers in relation to the culture.Perhaps I don't know what Culture really is,but it is not that abstract and undescrible.

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Nice to have answers from you people.

I guess my email was too short and my english too poor to make myself completely clear.

I'm not denying that Fengshui, Bagua etc. are chinese culture. I'm fascinated by them and I'm doing my best to study.

Since we're starting a discussion I'd like to present a bit myself in order to help you people to understand who's on the other side of the wire.

I'm Italian and I'm living in Beijing. When I was in Italy I started to be a bit interested about chinese culture. That was going from ancient times to modern food. But it was even less than a hobby.

On the other hand I was, and I am, interested in the Tradition. By Tradition I mean what is usually and wrongly known as esotericism.

Few years ago I had the chance to visit China. I liked it and I decided to do not go back to Europe. Here I've found an incredible amount of material for my interest, the only problem is that by the time I discover something and I want to study it more deeply I find myself stuck: all text are of course in chinese and what I've been able to find so far in languages that I can read Doesn't satisfy me at all.

One for all: chinese is a symbolic language. It might sounds obvious but I hardly found someone who's really thinking about it. Ideograms are the evolution of a symbol. We have symbols in Europe, but we need an alphabetic language to express them, here this doesn't happen: he talk by symbols.

There's full of little books about ideograms history, but they're all pretty naif illustrated pages. I haven't been able to find, so far, a good explanation for the ideograms used for numbers over 3.

Some of you have read or is reading Lao Zi, Sun Zi and/or the Yi Jing. Really nice readings. You should have noticed how important are numbers. so how come that no one is giving a good explanation about how numbers' ideograms were conceived?

Sorry for this long writing. I hope I didn't bored too much.

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The tie connects the tradition and the modern is tight.We'd better not cut it of

In my impression,most of europeans are not care of other countries' affairs especially their's modern development...and their opinions are too limited...but according to the sentences above I have to change my viewpoint...China has a lot of to be proud of and now walking on a high speed way...and absords most of the world's eyesight..

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Treasure of histroy

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