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Final vote of the blog contest   [Copy link] 中文

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dusty1 Post time: 2015-7-26 08:47
Who are you again?

How the heck should I know

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futsanglung Post time: 2015-7-26 11:34
How the heck should I know

Aren't you the bloke who owes me and parcher a shout?

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what are ghost followers??

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LaFarha Post time: 2015-7-27 04:45
what are ghost followers??

Ghosts are the group of manmade devils by some Real Demons to pretend they are gentlemen or gentlewomen to bullying the newcomers or the hopeful players in certain places whenever these players are showing up in their dominating spaces, but in reality, that places and time are not theirs!

How to distinguish the so-called Demons with real Members? Easily: Read three posts by them if you think they are ghosts of somebody or somebodies, and then, have several PM with them using your own methods.

Every one has one's self judgement, don't be fooled by my PREACHING.

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snowipine Post time: 2015-7-28 00:13
Ghosts are the group of manmade devils by some Real Demons to pretend they are gentlemen or gentle ...

Lol I totalllyy got what you mean, theyre real people who make accounts to vote for themselves or for others too??

No no, your preaching is very helpful

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Heavy rain!

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This post was edited by DalianLaowai#23 at 2015-7-31 14:40

I have a suggestion for future contests.  I just voted and noticed something a tad discouraging.  As people here have been commenting about avatars as having influence on the vote process, I think it serves to water down the quality of blogging and could even be a bit discriminatory.  It is a human quality to be attracted to beauty and handsome people but if we are here to value bloggers for their brains, we should create categories and assign values to the categories to help decide winners.  We should vote based on merit, activity, and ability, rather than looks.  As I have seen the results prior to clicking the votes, it weighs heavily on the voter's minds.  Two things, one, we should only be allowed to see the voting results after votes are sent.  Two, what if we had an odd number of categories of votes to help determine the winner?  One would be staff's votes, the other would be contributor's votes, such as other bloggers, and a final tie breaking vote only as necessary would be by a designated staff leader.  Each category would be assigned a certain percentage of the overall vote towards the winner with none having a majority.  I am just shooting off ideas now but.... we could include the contestants themselves, normal bloggers, past winners, staff, and the leader.  This would be 4 categories worth 25% each plus the leader's vote in case of a tie breaker.  In this way we limit the value of the popular vote amongst bloggers based on looks and place a fair amount of value on skills and participation.  In addition, different assigned groups would have to vote based on some reason other than avatar or popularity based on physical or friendship appeal.  For example, one group would vote points for quality of blogs, another for number of blogs participated or created by the blogger.  Another category would be based on creativity or content.  In this way, the contestants would feel respected for their value based on their contributions.  Furthermore, after the vote has been sent, voters can either receive the results within their voting group only or the vote results should be delayed by the webmaster until the voting ends, to prevent people from knowing the results and allowing each voter to give their best vote without peer pressure.  While I agree, a vote should be important, it should not be the only reason for selecting a winner.  If we still wish to do it in this current way, we should make a different rule then, winners are not eligible to be chosen in the next contest only, thus giving others a fair chance to earn recognition.  This will definitely bring about more interest in the site, which is our overall goal, right?  Here in Dalian, we have held such contests and these ideas were well received.  Just my two cents worth.

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