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Anti-doping agency,, What made Athletic willing to take risks..any pressure on [Copy link] 中文

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anyway, Taking Doping is the result of commpettive sport,and will them improve the development of sport and medical.

How do the committee judge some drugs are legaly used ,other are illegaly used,   and how many things the atheltic can eat and take the nutrition to stay in shape........Do you require to eat sth different each day to keep the stage of performance......

Do you  think  taking doping can enhance your performance in competetive event such as  Short  track,Swiming,Boxing.Weighlifting,Soccer,some Team game

Which sport event do you think athletic are not neccary to take risks of taking doping,such as  Table tenis, Shooting.......

Do you like to see man breaking record,to be citious,fatious,hitious.....

I  SEE  people want to dominate in a competetive event,and wondering to stay in the throne longer, he or she should have to take doping,otherwise they will be forced out of the game.....

so i agree that you cant take risks of takeing doping,it bring them a ray of hope to claim something else

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I think the world needs a doped athletic competition

Why not have one clean Olympics and one "enhanced" one? That way, players that want to be clean can be clean and compete and those that use steroids can also compete... I think its an awesome idea.

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What is the spirit of OG......Which event You think is most dangerous to perform

I found an interesting quetion that in some sport event, people are hard to be qualified on the first round if She or He can reach the certain degree of  Height  or  Weight.

  In  a   75 kg, women's   wightlighting,  why those kind of  women would like to stay that weight and keep  training thru several years.

Do they have chance to  have an ordinary life like some other girls, who trying to lose weight to keep healthy.

  Do you think     you can see most  the shortest     Guys in the Gym  court   and  Mens  weightlifgting  under 50  kg......

I think there are many things which can threaten your life but need some more sacrifice to excahnge for it.

Nowdays, With the boost the Extremist sport, i m sure  the individual have their right to challeage their life,even  some one sould like the commitment to death,like  "spiderman " who keen on  climbing highscaper without ensureent of safty.

and  War reporter at the scene,  and  spy police in the smuggleing market crosscountry....

will you select  the MOST  uLTIMATE 10,  DANGEROUS AND SILLY THING men  would do in the mordern world

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Do you think there are many tricky things happened in OG....

DO YOU agree  bitterness is happiness........

it is funny  that Why  we don't have  two  commenter from  different countres using their own language to comment the same  Comepetion with  Althlete  from both...

in this way, you will see  some great comic show,if  the two commentor neglect each but focus their own althlete,and then put many good words on their own,finally, you will laugh  loud while both make dragging and overstatement.

And you See,  some game held  at the  OG  Appeared to be in the midnight in China,and lots of anchors haven't watched it and read the news ccarefully,so that they made lots of mistakes........Why not let some sport  euth  show some voice there, rather than let some  one who never care about the sport,or only talk of sport and can nt be a partipant doing the commenter and reporter job

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After some failure in favorite event,Chinese anchor become rational to think abo

yEAH.....  how  much will Gold  medle bring to you.

  .............. It  would be a lots.

....................for the gold medle, You don;t need  wife,  for the gold medle,  you try all ways to succeed,with different strategy.

one  point on  weightligting,  if you are  50  kg,but you have not advantage to take the gold in the  50kg men's.  so that, you trying to starve yourself to partispate in    46kg, in this event, you have great advantage to win the gold, do you find it  inhumanity, or unfaireness to compete.....

               Okay, I think there are some real hero who realy understand how to treat own life and their profession.......

  Do  you think  OG is the greatest and the biggest sport event.............

   yeah , mightbe,   it offers  a great chance for  more country to partipate..

but some exception. do you think ,one  showing  "  faster,higher,stronger" only in OG can be called  world  hero,    Why you can not  recoginise some one break the record in the lower event,and give them enough fame as you treat them in OG.

  And i think in some single event. OG can 't do well ,and  It doesn't allow the greatest  athelte to take part in,then the athelete don;t cherish the chance to appear in OG....

Many basket player and runner in America.......and Tenis player ,and there are sprot event have been professionized and show more succeefull both in managment and profit..  then the Athelte have their right to retire from their career, they can opt for weather to be memeber of national team,but not forced to be one devoted to win fame for the nation

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Which event do you think is the most beautiful one, Sexiese men and women,There

If you say,   African american  ,musler,do well in  short -track running,But  why don't they  do well in  short-tract  swiming........

The  Swimming  and  The  Running,In  both events,have many gold medel to compete.  But  why   We  see LESS  dark skinned in the swiming pool,and more in the running arena............

Do  darkskin  feel shame being stay in the Water, which is so clear...

Anyway,  Don't discriminate  that  some one from the swimming pool do  look  great and sexiest..

It is great to see how competitive  they are to crack the record, and common to see what they wears.

You just feel very  natural to see them with great swiming  costumes.  They are sexiest but queit different from the Modle who  showing on the Stage to promote the  underwear.

And  You don't  disbute that  Some one who have the sunburned skin have great skin... and you accept that,   beach  volleybal players should  have their costume and ways of dressing to help them demonstrate their ability but not focus on what they wear.

yeah  Once you are in swimming pool, you should wear the swiming costume,  that is common lifestyle.

and you see in beijing, in hot summer,  People in the hutong ,Amonst men, they prefer to be half bare in the way to cool themselve......
it is not a bad  lifestyle....  Why  they get some attacks and being  questions that are  Beijing local with civiled mind who appear in half bare in the park and outside their door.........So why you accept  People playing on the beach  show more,but not intend to show it,.....

wow.. does  that mean the are sensual with more skin exposded

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so Good so fun, Men and women can compete in the same Olimpic event nomecoming

There is no distinguished sex on that event about Horse whether to get a Male rider or  female  rider,and whether the horse should be divided into two sexs,but sometime should restrict according their ages.

So  Wonderful,  If  male and the female riders can stand together to receive their  Medels in the same event,equally competed,but unlike some double Mixed one in which  The  men find it easy to tackle  women,such as Badminton.....

wish  one day, a little kid can ride his horse to win the OG,and for some african countries, if the horse is not expensve and authentically demanded, some more can find horse to win the Medle

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