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Being a foreigner in China   [Copy link] 中文

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Excerpt from the Diplomat:

It’s commonplace in China to see expats paid exorbitant fees as dancers, singers, musicians, or models, often regardless of talent. I have seen unattractive models, dancers who couldn’t dance, and singers who couldn’t sing. One of my friends was once paid handsomely to play bass at a live concert. The thing was, he didn’t know how to play bass — so they left his instrument unplugged and he plucked at the strings as if he had some clue as to what he was doing. Several of the musicians were also pantomiming to a prerecorded track, but the track had no bass, so my friend was pretending to play a part that didn’t exist. No one in the crowd seemed to notice though, and he was paid more than twice what the Chinese band members, who were actually rather talented musicians, earned.

Whenever I see such spectacles, I can’t help but think of the scene from The Cape Town Affair when a little girl shouts at a monkey, “Dance, monkey, dance!” Some of my friends even refer to such gigs as “monkey shows.”

This practice extends far beyond the “monkey show” world. Generally, white English teachers make considerably more than their bilingual Chinese counterparts and often more than Chinese-Americans too. It doesn’t matter that Chinese-Americans are native English speakers. If parents see an Asian person teaching their children, they often assume the person doesn’t speak English well (even if they themselves speak it too poorly to be able to judge). I once met a Russian who taught at a local English school in Chengdu. He could barely string a dozen words together in English. Nevertheless, he was paid more than four times the average Chinese salary. Naturally, he was white.

Many foreigners simply have far better opportunities in China than they would back home. To be sure, there are many serious and hard-working expats in China. But there are also the others. Semi-functional drunks who “teach” English while earning more than Chinese doctors.

The problem isn’t solely with these foreigners either. The managers and agents hiring these incompetent folk, and paying them their exorbitant and unwarranted salaries, are Chinese. To an extent, one might argue that their salaries compensate for being so far from home or that, matters of racial privilege aside, these individuals have an economic value and are paid accordingly.

That is, foreigners make places more attractive to certain Chinese, as the agent argued in the documentary, and white English teachers are more likely to bring schools business than black or Chinese English teachers, no matter how inexperienced they may be.

Still, the commodification of race is something Chinese employers, parents, and teachers alike should actively seek to better understand, particularly as long as Chinese continue to get the short end of the stick in all this. For all its anti-colonialist rhetoric, in some ways China still bears one of colonialism’s heaviest shackles — namely, a colonial mentality.

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Do white teachers realy earn more than doctors in china?
my ex collegue now teaches english/chinese at a school and she makes 3900rmb
none of her white collegues are earning more than take in to account that a lot of white teachers have problems getting their salaries every month, whilst this never happens to local english teachers...There will always be work for english teachers, and the good ones can make a career out of it, but they dont get 4 times as much.....

as for singers, dancers etc.....whoever is paying them is breaking the law, as you dont get permits for this kind of work

if you want something in life get off your backside, and do it yourself!! don't rely on others to do it for you

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You have forgotten to mention the large number of foreign tourists, especially white ones, employed as English teachers. Both the schools and the teachers are breaking the law; they don't have work visas, nor foreign expert certificates!

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Chinese parents don't know English, all they want is to see a white face in class teaching their children.
A school principal recounted how he had to lie to a mama because she insisted on a white American teacher when enrolling her child. School didn't have a white American teacher, got a white Russian teacher. Principal called the Russian teacher over and told mama, "This is our American teacher!". Mama, upon seeing the white man, was overjoyed and immediately signed up, paying the fees in full.

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'in some ways China still bears one of colonialism’s heaviest shackles — namely, a colonial mentality.'

We are on the same page on this one. I have mentioned it several times in my blogs. The Chinese don't seem to be able to shake off their colonial past.

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