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Singapore - Up for Grabs in a Geopolitical Free-for-All [Copy link] 中文

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With the inevitable departure of Singapore's helmsman, Mr. Lee Kwan Yew, the city state of Singapore faces unprecedented challenges from within and from without that can turn this proudly independent sovereign state into a pawn in a proxy war between geopolitical rivals, if its default leadership does not have the ability or courage (both are needed) to say "No" to invitations, demands and intimidations to support, join, avoid, or oppose various powers, ideologies, and religions.

This is not the time to experiment with an infinite variety and permutations of what others call "democracy" or "authoritarianism", but rather a time to hunker down and simply BE what Singapore IS, just a short while ago when LKY was alive and able to whisper his NO's to his successors in response to the many enticements, inducements, and coercions for change.

Change is not the answer to Singapore's question of QUO VADIS.

Rather, stability, security, and sovereignty are.

"innovation" as touted by some self-serving pundits is not going to sustain Singapore's security and solvency.  Rather, it is the excuse to cause unfriendly and unhealthy changes to a regime that has taken the utmost concentration, will power, and discipline to become what it is, a bastion of stability in a sea of change.

Singapore should declare a moratorium, nay, even a mourning, on all changes for the next 10 years, using the first 5 of these 10 years to absorb and overcome the inevitable changes others will make toward this city state, and the next 5 years to forge a new path of progress, peace, and prosperity.  Let others change in response to the departure of LKY, but the last thing LKY would advise his successors to do, is to lead those changes that can only dismantle and destabilize the social, economic and political equilibrium that he so carefully, and painstakingly, put into place, stone by stone, pillar by pillar, and beam by beam.  Let them stand, as they have stood and withstood the changes that have swept through the fast-changing strait of Malacca.  Let Asia's Gibraltar be Gibraltar -- for the moment it ceases to preserve its unique identity, is the moment all the hard work of its architect, Lee Kwan Yew, would have turned into a sand castle, waiting for the next wave to wash it away, forevermore.  Stand still, stand strong, and stand up.

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Discipline.  Discipline.  Discipline.

Dignity.  Dignity.  And, more dignity.

Keep the streets clean, give the homeless shelter, and give the jobless constructive tasks to do.  Zero tolerance for crime, petty or grave.  Excellence in education, in skill, and in trade.  Basics.  Back to basics, more so now that Lee is gone.  Basics are everything.  Secure the foundations.  Time to seal the bricks with new mortar, and put new nails on old timbers.  If Lee Hsien Loong can only refinish the house his father left to him, and made it like it was on its first day of existence, he would have saved Singapore, and guaranteed it the same security and prosperity his father gave it, for the next 50 years.

No, not time for change, but rather, time to go back to BASICS, to renew and refresh all those basics, because the basics of frugality, discipline, cleanliness, honesty, and industry, are forever foundations of any Singapore, past, present or future.  They are timeless, and because they are timeless, it is always TIME TO REVIEW AND RENEW ALL THE BASICS OF STATESMANSHIP that Lee had shown works wonders for a country with so few resources, and so many challenges for unfriendly change.

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Respect for elders, reciprocity of relationships, responsibility for the young and elderly.  These are Asian values that do not require any political ideology to justify, and do not brook any opposition.  How to honor LKY?  Honor your own father and mother at home, treat others as you would want others to treat yourself, and give sustenance, guidance and training to the young so that they are qualified to take over the world you leave them with.

Religion has no place in this higher level of morality.  Blind faith and obedience to some foreign deity or preacher can only make one's moral compass confused and ineffective.  Stick to the Golden Rule, to the Confucian ethics that has guided LKY through the most harrowing moments of his political life.

Rebuild moral values, renew the social contract that kept LKY's generation united in mind and in action, and you can rebuild Singapore any day you choose.

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LKY is a product Cambridge

No Cambridge no LKY

I've made my living, Mr. Thompson, in large part as a gambler. Some days I make twenty bets, some days I make none. There are weeks, sometimes months, in fact, when I don't make any bet at all because ...

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Zhou Enlai was reported to have compared LKY with a banana, yellow on the outside, and white on the inside.  In reality, it was Zhou who failed the Chinese people who immigrated overseas, by unilaterally voiding their citizenship, their rights as ex-pats, and their share of their ancestral inheritance.  LKY, on the other hand, preserved their security, their properties, their wealth, and even gave them a new sovereignty that China failed to protect them with.

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Is based on the need for action, not as a consequence of forethought and planning, but as a fundamental basis for SURVIVAL.

At any one moment, Singapore, as a country, is in ACTION.  It is either acting correctly, or else, it is acting incorrectly.  Some courses of action are forced on it by circumstance.  Others have taken place by chance.  Still others are initiated and sustained by conscious effort and will power.

Alleviation of poverty, of homelessness, of crime and corruption, are basic actions that any government should be ACTING on, all the time, whether it be in the early days of the founding of Singapore, in its zenith of wealth, or in its current moment of sorrow and loss.

The question, therefore, of what Singapore should do or ACT ON is silly.  It should be alleviating poverty.  It should be reducing homelessness.  It should be preventing crime.  It should be preventing and rooting out corruption.  Yesterday, TODAY, and tomorrow.

As to how to invest its sovereign wealth, to invent its role in a changed world, to preserve its successes in technology, defense, banking and trade, these are questions of WHAT TO THINK, HOW TO THINK, AND HOW TO IMPLEMENT SUCH THINKING.

In matters of what to think, Singapore should privately invite thinkers who are not beholden to any foreign government, and foreign so-called "think tank", or foreign banking institute, but not limited to its own local talents.  Like Japan, it should seek out its own ex-pats in foreign countries who know these resources, technologies, markets and regulations, bring them back to Singapore for a series of discussions, because to know where to go, how to get there, and what steps to avoid, Singapore needs EYES, EARS and TOUCH.  This is where Singapore has failed in the past decade.  Its eyes have become blurry with cataracts, its ears deaf from noise pollution, and its fingers and toes, numb with the execesses of the sweet life.

Wake up, Singapore.  See the world again with new eyes.  Hear the world with new ears.  And touch the world with new hands.  Then, think of where to go with new minds.  But always keep your feet planted firmly on the needs of the citizens of Singapore - food, shelter, transportation, education, and a well-paying job enough to meet all these needs without social welfare.  Above all, ACT now, as Lee Kuan Yew would have yelled to his troops in the early days of the founding of Singapore.  Do not let your mind paralyze your body, your depleted senses paralyze your mind, and your sadness paralyze your heart.  Live, like Lee Kuan Yew, would have wanted you to do.  You live only when you ACT.

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Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!

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