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"some" Chinese girls /guys desperate for expatriates mates ?? [Copy link] 中文

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As far as I am concerned, that case only happen to the persons who are low quali

in my area, It 's quite common that the girls like to be desperate for foreigners. They try every means to do that. such as marrying an elder guy(over 20 years older),pretending to marry a person abroad and so on, in a word, getting the green card is their final intention. As for these persons, they recieved little education and couldn't get a good job in local place. usually when they get the green card, they can have the right to move their whole family abroad. that's so call"sacrificing herself getting the whole family's happiness". Is the real situation really like this? I 'am afraid only the party knows that. Maybe compared with the situation in China, they do get better life there while doing the same jobs.

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its true in Shanghai

im in shanghai, and its very true, shanghai girls r pround if they have a white boy friend.
but the majority of foriegners here r not losers, they usually have a Master's degree, decent job, transfered to China by major companies.
but after 3 months in China, they r spoiled by chinese girls surrounding them.
so i remember Ms YANG er che namu said, dont get involved with foreigners who has been around china for more than 3 months.

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'don't get involved with a foreigner who has been in china more than three months'


do you realise how stupid you sound?

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Three months? One day? A year?

There are no equations. Love and lust are not hard sciences

Many waiguoren average six months to one year in their initial stay in China or abroad then return home. They learn to play and then leave. Those who stay on? You can usually find out their patterns, interests, and intentions if you take your time to get to know them instead of latching on and jumping into bed to try. If they lose interest because you won't have sex on the first (or fifth!!) date or meeting then ask yourself what you would think of any man whose intentions were fully bent on physical demand.

Also, try applying some of your own cultural practices to the situation and some practical sense. Are they willing to share information about their background, family background, friends (local and nonlocal) in such a manner that you feel you are truly moving into a relationship?

The bs factor: Or are they just telling you what you want to hear? Are you only taking them at face value and hearing what you want to hear? Many waiguoren are amazed at how naieve many of the opposite (or same) sex are and how much you can take advantage of someone simply by saying "Wo ai ni" in well-timed circumstances. Just as many waiguoren are also amazed when they hear "Ni qian wo" afterwards.

Everyone's experience is different, and will be from place to place. There are wolves and sheep on both sides of the fence. It will take some time for each to find there own place in this world.

I like sex. I'm a traveller. I'm honest. I'm also happy to say I haven't needed to lie to anyone to enjoy my travels abroad. Can't say I've seen the same of others and I do as a result have a pretty low opinion of foreigners abroad.

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to ilunga

hehe, thats not my words, i just quote it from Ms. yang er che namu,

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I bet 99% of Chinese girls on this forum fall into this category, no matter weth

openly or not.

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A Western guy's viewpoint

I met a Chinese girl from Guangzhou over the internet back in August of this year.  The exchange began on a "low-key" basis, sharing information, cultural exhange, similar to pen-pal.  Slowly, it has grown into much more.  In the beginning she mentioned an interest in coming to the U.S. someday but was not adamant about it.  I told her I was interested in coming to China, possibly to teach English as a second foreign language.  She encouraged this and I was pleased with her encouragement.

Over the months, we have fallen in love to the point where it seems as though it is destiny that we are to be together.  Mere words can do no justice to the the feeling we share for each other.  Neither of us has rushed blindly into this and I strongly believe that there is no "hidden agenda."  By that, I mean that I am convinced that she is not using me as a conduit to the West.  When I asked her (Xiu Zhu) of her continued interest in the U.S. her words were "Where is my love, so shall I be also."  That was enough for me.  :)

So, I will arrive in Guangzhou on November 18 and already have a job.  My plans for staying in China are indefinite and undefined.  I may stay for a long while or may leave after one year's time.  Regardless, my girlfriend and I will spend much time together getting to know one another and her family.  She speaks some English, I speak some Cantonese.  We will help each other to learn our languages more optimally.

I have lived in Southeast Asia in the past, therefore the Eastern ways will not represent a culture shock for me.  In fact, I truly have always preferred the ways of the East over the West in most all respects.  Especially the people.  And especially the people of China.  I realize China is changing but it took many thousands of years for the Chinese to become very human, very special.  They will not become "Westernized" over night.  That is a good thing.

I'm certain there are women in China who would like to live in U.S. and may be willing to develop a plan not based on love to get there.  And there are Western men who come to China for a "trophy bride."  This phenomenon exists in many other countries.  I have absolutely no use for that type of arrangement.  That is not my plan, nor the plan of my hopeful Tai-Tai-to-be.  Happiness, contentment and love are the basis for our ties.  

After arriving in and adjusting to Guangzhou, I will continue my updates here at CD, if anyone is interested.  My discussions will be unbiased and that of an observer and information-provider.  Hopefully this will help others to see that there is a light of hope and at least some instances of multi-cultural relationships built on true love and wisdom, rather than economics, deceit and materialistic ideologies.  

Those ideologies are the primary reason that I have wished to "wash my hands" of the West for many years.  Now I feel I will be where I belong.


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