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"some" Chinese girls /guys desperate for expatriates mates ?? [Copy link] 中文

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Ilunga garbage

It's obvious that most foreign men here can't get any action in their countries.. that's why they're here chasing Chinese girls. A construction worker or plumber in the UK can pretend to be high class here in Asia since it's hard for most locals to tell the difference..

Sorry, but many foreign losers with weak backgrounds abound here. It is simply a fact. Does that profile depict you..?

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...does wanting to leave a mundane life back home to travel and experience new things make someone a loser?

I'm in my mid-twenties and left a very attractive oriental girl behind to come to China so don't give me the tired old 'ugly, middle aged loser who can't get a girl in their own country' line.

Of course there's some guys in China (and other asian countries)  who fit that description but the vast majority of foreigners come here with good intentions.

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what are good intentions?

Your turn to define "good intentions"

I am involved with a large circle of foreigners, and I can honestly say that the vast majority are not here for the cultural adventure and excitement (unless it's sexual). They generally make little effort to adapt to the local culture in their practices, but expect the Chinese to appease them instead..

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And you mention leaving behind an Oriental girl at home to come here - is she a rug or something? Sorry, but "oriental" describes objects, and NOT people.  I truly hope it's an honest mistake and not a derogatory attitude towards Chinese people in general..

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Escape their personal demons...

"Some people come for the cultural adventure and challenges, but there are plenty of foreign people who come to China to escape their personal "demons".. So beware."

Can i jump to a conclusion that likewise these kinda girls also go to the western countries to escape THEIR personal ;'demons"..

I wonder whether those CHINESE guys agree on it... lol

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You're generalizing TOO much. You haven't been here long and your experience of foreigners here is limited.
I've met some absolute NUTTERS here though, seriously f'ed up individuals, how They get here I don't know, but I do know of one scam where a company was arranging marriages and getting street people and sending them here to marry chinese girls for money. I'm pretty sure I've met a couple. They're not capable of taking care of themselves in their own country, you can imagine what happens to them here. Expired visas, broke, unemployable. Scary stuff so I'd warn girls to be a little wary of the foreigner.
The nutters and recent grad's (backpackers) aside, most people here are individuals. Not the types for a house in the suburbs, a wife, mortgage and three kids. What drives someone to go halfway around the world to live and work in a totaly foreign environment?, who knows, but those are my kind of people.

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I don't see

the problem with my use of the word 'oriental'.  What word should I have used?  Asian is a bit broad.  I couldn't really be bothered typing 'half thai, half japanese' but anyway...
If sex was my only intention I'd have gone to Thailand, Indonesia or the Phillippines.  The city I'm in certainly isn't the kind of place where it's easy to pick up girls.
I'm sorry you socialise with a bunch of deviants.  That's just unlucky.  Try another place or make some new friends if it bothers you.

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