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New Boomtowns Change Path of China's Growth [Copy link] 中文

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Andydob, this is where you live??? ha ha ha !!

Look, I have a much better place for rent in the city, but I am not sure if it could be afforded by someone like you who is apparently from the bottom of China's food chain, and stranded in one of those peasant-village-in-the-city slums of Shen Zhen:

Luxury Apartment for Rent in Shen Zhen

One large master bedroom, one medium-size bedroom, two bathrooms, plus one living room. Elegantly renovated.

Located in the city center by the Dongmen shopping mall, minutes from the Luohu border-crossing.

Available in August, 2004


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Shen Zhen, the Garden City

Huang Gang border-crossing

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Shen Zhen, the Garden City

Huang Gang border-crossing at night

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green outfit

"To be fair, part of Seneca's views have its merits although some of his sweeping remarks did not go down too well with others. "

You mean his usual anti-China racist drivel went down well with YOU?

"Merits" my foot!

How about this below?

"Westerners lusting after Chinese sluts...ahem: women?
I am afraid, your own women are ljusting after us and our money and passports!  Why? Poor Chinese culture! "  --seneca

"We should thank him for" the comments above, too, huh? What about when he insisted that Chinese modify their habits and maintain eye contacts during conversations so that an ungrateful loser like himself, who would otherwise beg for foods on the street in his own country, could feel more comfortable in China (what nerve!!)??? Tell me how ANY Chinese with pride and dignity could be "friendly" with anti-Chinese racist hate-mongers like seneca?

"Seneca himself had acknowledge the mistakes too. "

What mistakes? 2000 years? but don't you see he still insists:

"I am not wrong in saying that western cities have been growing for thousands of years, WITHOUT BECOMING SUCH MONSTER PLACES AS SHENZHEN or other towns in China "

Why in the hell do we need apologists like you to come out and put up a veiled defence for a racist xxx like seneca, may we ask?

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No, I do not live there ,Stud.

I do not think I could ever made up my mind to live in a city above 1 million. No matter in which country.
The nature: forests ,lakes, meadows, small creeks within 20-100 km is a must be for me to settle for a longer time.
I see you are trying to get a sense of humour, but you definitelly have a long way before you.
You make a joke , that "probably Andy lives in ths block."
No, I do not live there , but many Chinese do. And I find NOTHIN', absolutelly NOTHIN' funny in this, Stud.
You are laughing your head off, since you are rich and you can afford to live in villas or a very expensive condominiums. From there, you can laugh continuously at the faces of your fellow compatriots , who have to work very hard to rent such an "apartment" and still struggle to make ends meet.
Very outstanding sense of humour indeed ,Stud.
But, somehow, I do not read you well. I feel sorrow when seeing the conditions these people have to live in.
I've read this part of the regulations/status/ gvmnt policy.
It does not change a jot in the conditions of these blocks you do not want to see/show to foreigners.
Are you recommending dwellers used these words :>>>"City planning and construction shall ensure public interests in a society and reflect the principle of social justice.City planning and construction shall follow the principle to have land use economized and rationalized.<<<< print on a big piece of paper and use it for covering the windows?
FYI. Road rules are also brightly written down on many papers....

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Stud, Please Stop Barking Like a Mad Dog

I thought my earlier post was plain enough but apparently when a person is agitated, he "cannot see the woods from the trees". Or has Seneca over-estimated your grasp of the English language? My comments (quoted by The Stud) refers to his innocuous post and the initial response by Seneca. They certainly were not meant to relate to "the unnecessary bickering" and bigotry language you and Seneca threw at one another thereafter. The childish behaviour you two displayed doesn't deserve a second look from me, let alone comment on them :)

Sometimes, I wonder whether you and Seneca are "planted agents" by the P R of Chinese government and a Western regime respectively. Both your views are extreme, to say the least. Even bigots do not find so much time to engage one another in mud-slinging (I note both of you are "regulars" and probably employed for such forums). If both of you are, then there is only one term for people like you two - government lackeys:)

Yes, I'm an overseas Chinese and have been cheated by Chinese local individuals and companies not less than 4 times. But I remain objective by reminding myself that China (the homeland of my parents) will turn for the better over time. The unhealthy indulgence in material pursuits and the blinded greed for money will destroy the Chinese race sooner than the day China becomes a great nation.
Remember, it was Dr Sun Yat Sen, an oversea Chinese, aided by thousands of overseas Chinese who yanked feudalistic China from its slumber. Alas, he was old and unable to lead a strong government and soon China crumble under the weight of indigenious greed for power and wealth - the warlords.

No where in my post was I apologetic for racist remarks made by Seneca and you, Stud. My comments were confined to the merits of town & country planning. You (Stud), Seneca and AndyDob doesn't deserve any respect if you are hiding your respective secret service identities behind The Chinadaily Community forum.

The CD Community is a forum for healthy comments, not for 民族败类(scums and moles) such as you and Seneca. If you wish to pursue this bigotry, don't expect me to entertain you with further repartees. History has enough of government lackeys like you, Stud. They will mouth "patriotism" in one breath but will melt with greed in the glitter of wealth in another. When my family donated to Dr Sun's cause, and when we send aid back to Guangdong (my ancestral home) during 文革, you're probably one of the 红卫兵shouting bigotry slogans like you do now as a "reformed cadre".

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Pardon me, green outfit

But please, can you say something more about these words:>>You (Stud), Seneca and AndyDob doesn't deserve any respect if you are hiding your respective secret service identities behind The Chinadaily Community forum.<<<

I do not beg you for your respect, but I do require your explanation for "respective secret service behind CD forum"

Can you tell me which secret service do I belong to? I have not been informed about it yet, so your clearance will be very appreciated.
I should have at least turned to somebody for salaries!!!!

Do you think that to see two 20 something metres tall buildings, blocks of flats being situated less than half meter from each other requires 007 spying gadgets?

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