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New Boomtowns Change Path of China's Growth [Copy link] 中文

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Re: "The Greeks built cities long before the Xia dynasty of China - and many dis

Some jealous, unsubstantiated claim from the resident racist China-hater as if there were no Chinese cities during the Age of Five Rulers (2700-2200 BC)???

(see "Urbanization -- a historic view" by TheStud )

Let us talk about some FACTS here.

The most striking fact of China's history is that it has gone on for so long -- for about two and a half thousand years there has been a Chinese nation using a Chinese language. Her government as a single and unified unit has long been taken to be normal despite minor, brief  intervals of division.

China has had a sustained and sustaining experience of civilization rivaled in duration only by that of ancient Egypt. This is the key to Chinese historic identity, it is as much cultural as political -- in China, our culture made unified government early and continuing for thousands of years.  

The striking continuity and independence of our civilization can be attributed to China's inaccessibility to external disturbances, and more importantly, our culture's extremely powerful capacity to assimilate and tame alien influences. The latter proved to be crucially important when those alien disturbances were close to home.  The Chinese empire was built and maintained by the cultural superiority of the dominant Han nation, and it matters less who the emperor of the day was because they all had to be CHINESE in order to rule this immense country. The mongols were militarily superior during the Yuan dynasty, and therefore they were the ruling class, but through culturally reverse conquering, they, too, became Chinese. In another word, the emperors came and went, but the Chinese identity stayed and flourished.

In my view, the Koreans, Japanese and vietnamese had been sinicized many hundreds of years ago, and our Han culture has been imbedded in their genes. Their very recent estrangement from the Middle Kingdom can be attributed to the temporary, brief weakness of our country, and to  the colonial and neocolonial influences of the West. Thus, their idiotic obsession with dyeing hair blonde. In time we are sure they will return to the fold of the Confucian sphere of influences.

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To: The Stud & AndyDob

I had not planned to write again after my last post, and certainly not to be stuck in an unending feud amongst bigots. But when mistakes had been made, my guilt tells me to own up. So, here I am.
Yes Stud, I was upset by your unwarranted remarks on me. Like you, I was agitated and just banged on the keyboard for a swift response to the uncalled-for attack. All I wanted was to correct your bigotry remarks, and careless basic grammar, punctuations etc were the last things on my mind.
At least you can see the "woods from the trees" of my post now. You pointed out correctly the "tree saplings" of present & past tenses, singular & plural compatibility etc.
On re-reading my post, I can't help but wonder why I had included you, AndyDob. Yes, you are right to object to my remarks on you.
But I would like to comment on your example about two buildings being built too close for comfort [I shall not question whether your photo is from a China building or elsewhere!]. When you were younger, did your mum ever tell you that "a swallow doesn't make a summer" and that "nitpicking would not win you a debate"?
If I want to, I can pick on many examples of atrocious building and environmental designs in Europe and American today. I don't have to live in Brixton, Toxteth or Bradford in England to empathise with the immense anger the blacks feel about their living conditions, oppressed treatment by the bureaucracy, not to mention daily racism by the whites.
AndyDob, would you have any guilt about your example if I were to remind you that the colonial administrators of Hong Kong basked in magnificent villas in the pristine environment of the Peak and Mid-Levels of HongKong while turning a blind eye to hundreds of thousands of Chinese to be crammed into the hellish Kowloon City for generations before it was demolished prior to handover in 1997!!
So much for Western hypocrisy! Slum cities in UK, Kowloon City and Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq may just be the veneer of such hypocrisy. Just too bad they were exposed for the world to see.

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Shen Zhen, the Garden City


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Shen Zhen, the Garden City


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View from other CD posters on the city of Shen Zhen



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i have been here for more than 2 years and generally, i think, sz is a beaugiful city. Nice weather and good environment, a lot of trees. In fact, i know nothing about gz, so, i wonder what's the difference you feel. My colleague told me gz is a more traditional city and sz is a city more open, more tolerant and full of opportunies for youngsters.

2004-08-04 10:38  

Indeed, Shen Zhen is the first Chinese city to earn the honour of being named "International Garden City", "thanks to its strenuous efforts to build a picturesque city since its establishment."

"It now takes a lead in afforestation construction in the country, boasting such accomplishments as per capita green belt areas of 14 square metres and 37 parks covering 3,175 hectares."

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Gee, you must have not read another posting...


SZ lost its glory within these years,, it seemed you know nothing of that..


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"seneca": in another thread, you confessed that you have never been to HK,

you still made the "comment" as:
"I deem your remarks generally more sophisticated than those of The Stud, but in your latest post you made a grievously mistaken statement about the "colonial administrators of Hong Kong" and, in particular, about "Kowloon city"."

You are a habitual liar, as evidence proven beyond doubts by me in many other posts.

From "Andy_Dob"'s picuture, I now understand where you and "Andy_Dob" looked into your "neighbour bedroom" for you phobia.

"seneca" --- shenmedongxi!!!

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