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Xinhua: If China Had Become 2 Party system [Copy link] 中文

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Recently Xinhua published a very interesting article about what might have happened to China if they had become a 2 party system.

For a state run and controlled article, I found it it to be a very well written and quite honest and freely and openly discussing the issue. in fact, i found a lot of the points it made to be very valid, the corruption and bribery under a 2 party systems in China that could happen even worse, the great diverse range of cultures creating too many divisions, inability to make big decisions and move forwad because of constant party bickering. This is all very true and very valid. I think this article really does show a good argument for how this system world not have worked in China and it really does make you think about the issue, one of the most mature open and honest articles ive ever reaf from a state run media source. well written.

I would like to offer my own thoughts on this article, because it is the type of article that is cause for healthy debate and discussion, the whole issue is not something that can be summed up in one article realky, its very complicated in fact, china is very complicated.

I will discuss my thoughts on this matter as openly and honestly and unbiased as possible in my next post and bring up some issues that i think are valid also.

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So my first point i would like to make is that it is reakky hard, impossible almost to get a correct gauge of what China might look like today had they been a multiparty system from the start, although this article written by Xinhua does write some fair ideas. Sometimes however its what is left out and not mentioned that is actualky important too.

For example, can we predict that horrible events in the past under the one party system may not have happened under a multi party system? The millions that died in the great leap forward, the entire country being destroyed in the cultural revolution. These events are pretty brutal and pretty bad, in world history since the.  beginning of mankind they rank as 2 of the worse things to ever happen to people. And they were a result of a dictatorship.

But, perhaps this was a stage that China simply had to go through? A learning stage. Perhaps Mao was simply a product of China and not just himself, it was just a stage in Chinese society? I dont know, but it is valid and needs to be mentioned in this discussion.

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So these bad events need to be considered in a discussion about which type of system would have been better for China. Another question i would also ask is, yes these events would not have happened under a multiparty democracy, but then again what might have happened instead? Ethnic wars, more murdering of foreigners, womens rights (bound feet, no marriage rights etc) might have happened more slowly, or more fast, its hard to know,.

I guess we need to weigh up how much the repression and control and bloodshed and destroying of the country during the teething years of the one party system of the Communist party was worth it (and the amount of control that still goes on today) and if this was the better way? My thoughts are that yes i think a 2 party system would have been chaotic 50 years ago, but perhaps by now it may have sorted itself out? Or is pettiness and corruption simpky built into Chinese society? Again, i dont kno these answers im just asking questions for intelligent discussion.

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So i guess we need to look at the bad events of the past that occured under thecone party system and ask if it was worth it compared to a 2 party system in China? Its a hard question to answer. I tend to agree with the valid points of the xinhua article and think that the Chinese did need some stability and control under one party system, but i cant shake the bad feeling of the horrible events of the past which gives me a sick feeling and still makes me question if it is. I guess im in 2 minds about it and am undecided which is better. Perhaps china may not be as strong today under multiparty system but perhaps there might not have been so much bloodshed and brutality and destroying of the country also? Or perhaps all the violence and corruption and ultra pettiness is just a reflection of Chinese society itself and not a reflection of the one party system? I really dont know. Thoughts anyone?

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I few thoughts comes to mind.

"Had the world's most populous nation been governed by a bipartisan system, what would have happened?"

A bipartisan system is not the only option. It is not something inherent about the "Western political system".

"Seemingly endless political bickering, inherent in the Western model, would have led to political dysfunction, which in turn would have brought catastrophic repercussions on a nation four times as big as the United States."
There is no bickering behind the scenes in China? just one guy getting his way all the time? No discussion and no comprimises over issues?  Sometimes time the best action, is no action, especially if there is no consensus.

"China is the world's leading emitter of C02, however, had financial oligarchies been allowed to run the nation like a profit-seeking conglomerate, a carbon emission deal -- such as the climate accord reached between Beijing and Washington during the 2014 APEC meeting -- would have been out of the question."
On the other hand, if Chinese had to bicker with an enviromental party for majority perhaps the environmental issues in China wouldn't have gotten so out of control as they are now. If someone leads you into trouble and then tries to lead you out of it. Perhaps his leadership isn't so wise afterall.

Should China have adopted a system that facilitated lobbying among interest groups, policies on domestic infrastructure to bills that had worldwide implication would be caught in a self perpetuating cycle of limitless debates.
The same rich guys and powerful companies are present in China. The difference is that in China they are the ruling elite and don't have to lobby. Lobbyism isn't always bad though. In a healthy democracy there is plenty of lobbyist working for the various interests of the people etc. Perhaps this is the real issue China has with lobbyists.

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Yeah you raise some very good issues there too buddy, things i hadnt thought of. Its sometimes the issues left unsaid that are important too. Again though, these are all good point that look bad under the current government and their history, but who is to say a western style system wouldnt have made its own huge mistakes also. Perhaps its just China and the way China is, a big giant mess of a country with a massive history thats just impossible to find a system for no matter what you do? What do you think? Is there a best way?

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65 years already, it is still all about State rights, not human rights.

65 years body trust the legal system and judges on political crimes. All efforts at reforms  for a truly independent judicial system ends in failure.

Policy disasters that still continue...........

Treatment of the Lama and the refusal to allow the Lama to retire peacefully in China.

Treatment of Uighers

Treatment of all political dissidents.......that civilized people any where in the world to rightly criticize.

Crude and cruel is the motto.....the engine, the policy and the tactic employ, past , present and future.

China is just another feudal imperial system of governance.

Nothing has changed for a few thousand years.

I've made my living, Mr. Thompson, in large part as a gambler. Some days I make twenty bets, some days I make none. There are weeks, sometimes months, in fact, when I don't make any bet at all because ...

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