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How many people can not read,or Using COMPUTER in China...thinkin what can comp [Copy link] 中文

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i like the number  5,,  and it is many supersition here in my mind make me nightnare from storyteller in remote area,my hometown;;

Accepting a bribe has been a very common phenomenon in university admission work, but the bribe might not always involve cash, ," An said in a commentary.

"It has been an open secret in all universities that admission job is a lucrative post."

       Study: Majority Of Americans Out Of Touch With Mainstream
NEW YORK—According to a study published by the Popular Culture Research Group Monday, the majority of American citizens are out of touch with mainstream American society.

is  American the only  Big country in the world,superier

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WHAt is the Reaction against that Chinese be stared by Forinors and taken pictu

Haha,  Bell Tower and dRUM tower of beijing are the attractions for tourist to come and being the cannotmiss stop to come when the tour bus stopped at the Squear in front of the TOWER

sO mANY  fORIN TOURIST hAVE INTERES   not only on the building here but there how the life od resident here looks like.

Once i said A  troupe of  Erzhu or Opera music player to play their instrument at the squear being the focus by the forin trourist and fixed their eyes on them..........can't ask anthing out but with more surprise telling from their staring,the player show them some smile,

And an  elderly,seems very old with long bear,exerising on the local exercice facility,sooner have been discovered by some middle age women,then drawn more attention from the senior memeber in the toour group.    They are confused how could the 80old doing is so well,keeping very fittest,  and many foringor are trying to find right position to take the picture of him,and wispering to each other with big smile.

and an elderly continue to moving the machine and seems you enjoy performing in front of foriner and tell them how great the body position you hold,

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Can you find a Right word to decride Chinese girl and boys expressly"Pure"isnt

... wow  Some many chinese boys or girls say they like to stay with someone of pure mind,no foul word,sexx topic,be naive.

Do you think  Pure is the right word to match a great personality of Chinese youngster.........

What do you think of you are called a Clearn man.

Can you tell me What pure mean when you ware said that" I m pure"

Do you find some good word to tell how Chinese mean  good and simple and friendly and nice .

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What doyo thinnk of Campus Violence "DIALOGUE",Have you ever considered commitin

<  commite adultery>  were still young or question depressed in a wed of this sociaty.

If YOU nive girlfriend left you,will you have a viloent reaction to fight her love back.   Do you have some nice ways to release you angers

Have you heard about some  humor company who produce humor for you.

Would you like to see a docter to answer you  confused question psycologically  if the fee is free.

Suicide ,horrible,and High rate of it Reported <in  Japand and South Korea>

late   question "  How many more Countries you known in English name"

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Slim Chance to Know some Island Countries dotted in the Oceans,How can i learn m

corner of the world.

Are  they adopting  commenwealth political  system.

How can them be connected under that system.

which are the leading countries who initiated the system.

is there by far differenct from Court system in Britain to  USA

Do  you know    Some?please detail them to me here with: Re"

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Do you think Foreign teacher can learn sth from us If More Saying"Humble So-so",

Do you find that   many former foreign teacher said that they are unsatisfied with our answer to  Question BY  SAYing  many insane SO-SO,without further comment and further expression of their really  feeling.

Do you like it.


did you do well in your last exam


can you swim.


you are bautififul.
and smart

god  why  japanese so difficult to learn,any tips on learning better  Jpanese
Buy and sell shares in top sporting celebrities with our sports stock exchange game

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"You are too Serious" what make you feel we chinese should be serious

When sometime foreign teacher joking something on us, but to me it is not fun,who would like to challenge her with questions.

then,  when She reject to offering good answer to my question,saying, i just kidding,let us something else,and another joke begin.

why she got so many joke for us,  do she need to be teacher of great sense of humor when teaching English, why not a formal talk with much jokes

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