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Do you agree with Chinese call out a name roll in accordance with their Titles&l [Copy link] 中文

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It is widely accepted that, Not all Chinese are  perfectly friendly,so do foreignor.

     Teaching is strictly Very   Tao chi Bu  Chi Hao de  Gongzuo,You can't  make all your callmate in a full class,30-60 satisified with every of your lecturegiven. You can't make friends with all of them,even hard to accquained with them in some smiliar way,becoz you behave more like an  Adult individualy and indenpently by your living.....

    But it is hard to know what the life the Student would persume by their standard of living surported by some others,we are sometime ashame of talking of any single item of luxury,but  life force make us change,such as dress yourself in right close when you go out trying to find a decent job,or some more interesting people and relative,giving and receiting a meal.   I think the turning point of school come from The Year  3-4,when we decide to approach the soicety in some ways of connections,most time you should be ready to eat out with these ones who help you gain some connetion and do you a favor,that is why some restaurant so popular and giving our life some excited experience to taste some more goods.

     . I think our school find it unpolite to fire a foreign teacher,so that they ask me to fit to the teacher,or when you looking for a foreign teacher,they should make him or her be qualified to the job....

   one more,  Teacher in our mind is quiet different from Tutor and headmaster is different from teacher,but now in the school,these stuff are mixed,and anyone who can give a lecture pain by limit money like parttime job.

       and You see"   attention  please"    according to our  school principle,  students or teachers are not allowed to  wear sliper around the compus,but many foreignors do it for they make them  cool.

      and  If  someone entered the schoolgate, they are surposed to ask show their ID.but  for any kinda of  foreingors entering the school,no guards dare to ask,even the school have the proclaimation some way the school are closed,not for public this time,but  foringor insisted in and   using their own key to unlock their office and using their computer their,while the warning  on the paper pasted on the door was torn,which saying  sealed  on what time.

       and About the foreing teachers aparment, in a community,  foreign teachers are likely to have nightlife and late to back home when curfew time passed... So they  knocking  the door and let and elderly guard,<retired man granted that job>.

  Some for some male  forin teachers, they bring strange women and sometime  some girls from our classes in their house for party and let them have a cooking skill show for him,and the edlerly who can not know English,stop the student or strangers,  the Forin men keep say ingoring...

   a  lots of things happened due to my study in this private school with more chance access to some foreinors.........Few are respected by me as a professor,most of them are english abuse waste men who come to China to a trip by unitising a chance granted them a name of Teacher,respectedly.

    Yeah,  When something little things broken,they<  foreign teacher> haven't have it fixed,  they keep complaining,such as the light from lamp unstable,shaking........and the bath room something unproper.

  I have some times with the logictis service guys and I find  they are very afraid of doing favor for the forignor and the foreignor make small thing as an ox things,and keep the admintration altering  them to help it and must do this day and that day,even when in midnight something happened.

  And one day,  the teniciant come to the room of a female foreign teacher,to fix her light problem,and the Guard who holding all key,unlock the room for him,and he is doing his job there for some long time,then the foreingor come back for a rest and seeing a stranger in her room. and she was furied that  anyone with her permisiion on certian  day can't come to her room,  and like the exgarreting the serviousness that she assumed  this Thing  should be accussed by american law if any american do this,and show that by gesture to One Guard i m fimilar.

They are many stories here,and are caused by unorangised situation for they are all pratictioners are not informed to do something,and how something wrong to do.

Continue or not,About the politeness on High context......

if you are been to Village,  a host refused the present sent by a guess,and a guess insist to give host the gift,especial on speical days, they are pushing over the game like" tag  of war",please receiving this ,and my little concern for your kindness,  no no, we are friends,you don't need waste money on it,please bring it back,  or i have lots of this kinda of things...... They raised their voice, each one acted  like unhappy and pretend to show anger when one not do on her wishes,

Guess might say  if you are not receive , i won't come again, saying you are a trouble of man,don't waste time,i should go ontime please receive it.
  Host might say, if you giving  this to me always, you are not welcome to come next, you are such stubborn man.

They push each's hand,guess trying to escaping after place the host her gift and Host keep grasp her cloth,sometime let her bring back some gilt from  host which She have sufficent at home.  When voice come to the peak, it sound like a quarrling

When i was young kid, the Host asked me to have lunch in her house,i said  no,  sometime my grandma asked me that giving the present and come back as soon as possible and cook more rice,sometimes  grandma told me i can have lunch there if i like or invited..  But  i always don't like to stay to someone i m not very familiar,but they are my relative no much chance to meet with me in.

   If you come to the host room at wrong time as they have already cooked the rice in cerntian amount according how many people in their house, you  can stay and have lunch,but sometime they want to cook some noodle< noodle not popular in South,fujian,no my favorite>or they can eat noodle ,and let me eat rice.. But these kinda of things are considered touble and i will be a trouble maker...  and i m tricky enough to escape from the host' witness and come back home succeffly.

Someone you come there at night, you will posess a room bed to sleep,so the host would send one of his family member's to neibor house or let one sleep together with other,but leaving me sleep in comfortable house.....So when you go to visit  relative,be sure at right time and have sleep or not

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Dear mon Clare. Could you help delect them,or label the poster as invalid so tha

Ofcuz,  One sentence can n't gett a stance without the contexts and views from the other poster s in the defined,same topic.

You should delect some posts to avoid them reach 1000.

yeah One sentence is  the style of asking a question....when i asked qUESTION, I HAD  ALREADY GOT one answer myself,and i read lots of hot news  on it so that i would give my one sentence here.   
If some other read the same news, ,He or She would comment on it,but i don't care much.   

Why you make everything piece of word visible here,it is cruel to do that.

I will help myself get rig of some one sentence serier and wipe them out.
Please take it easy, but how will i Fill the blank after i move theem off with any content left.

Should make some quoted news here.  Yeah,Agree,  I read many English news online and offline,  One big news is that

Do you agree that   People  ,the one who stick to odds and  porn news will affect his behaviour
it was said that juvenile criminal commmmited by the young wrongdoer caused by their stick to network and the wrong message they have got from lines.

Do you think erotic picutre online is the same of that some one called that Art,nudity Art.

Always things have two sides,but it depends on yourself can call it a coin toss, someone who are luckly can not be affected by the bad sides.....

damn What should  i do.  Do you think sex is a good science and that is the only thing on earth people keep passion on it generation by genration,never getting tired.

Do you still reemmber  Fulungong,  Why they are still practised and prevailing in American,a friend online in America told me.

Do  you think it is wrong for monk to make love with some girls,
even Old testament in the bible said  Sex is a fire,if you can't stand,just do it and make you parter happy then take care of her forever . That is not called betral to God, i think God let the man decide whether He choose to love God or Women

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Do you think Chinese are easy to be trained as Philosophist, or Writer,for we sp

study Chinese from ki           nursing school to high school in a range of 16yrs.

  In FACT, i  Learnt to  know that,     Claire should pretend to be authority here,who is seldom making mistakes or wasn't allowed to do that,according their high quality of this colums here ,so that you only placing some picuture here.  Hehe,  Challenge Claire for a point.

Only somebad guy like me ,like to creating mistakes here,and a way to learn well myself

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