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What does it feel like for an expat to leave China?   [Copy link] 中文

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If you had lived in China for several years, what would it feel like to move back to your home country? What would you miss most about China?

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I have lived in China for 6 months and go back home in three weeks. I have been in China before and will come back for work in the future, so I can't get out of China for good.

I will propably miss most the good restaurants, especially Yelixiali in Shanghai, xiao long baos and the lamian guy next door. Things I won't be missing is the pollution, traffic jams and smokers in public places.

I can't wait to go back home and breath clean air and enjoy delicious Finnish Christmas food and ice hockey.

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I'd miss the pushing and shoving to get on the bus, the skirting steaming piles of vomit from people puking up their street food first thing in the morning, being able to see grown men wagging their willies in front of women and children when they stop on the street corner to relieve themselves.

I'd miss the overbearing, rude drivers, the bus drivers that think cramming another 25 people onto an already overcrowded bus is ok. I'd miss the taxi drivers who hork up a pile of phlegm the size of an A4 spitball out the front window, only to have it come back in through the rear window, smacking the unsuspecting passenger in the face.

I'd miss the employers who seem to think that contracts they have signed 'in good faith', and 'in the friendly spirit of co-operation', don't apply to them, because "this is China and we do things differently here".

I'd miss waking up in the morning and not being able to see across the street. I'd miss brushing my teeth with bottled water because I've been told not to use the tap-water. I'd miss having to pay three times more than the Chinese guy standing next to me ... for just about anything.

I'd miss the doctor telling me that he is afraid to remove a cyst from my neck because he didn't study foreigner physiology while in medical school.

I would miss those two grown men having full-on fistfight over who was going to pay the exorbitantly high restaurant bill.

I'd miss the rail police telling my wife to report any suspicious activities that I do, because I look like a terrorist (musta been the clean-shaven face and the beer in my hand that gave them this impression).

I'd miss the queue-jumping at bus/rail stations for ticket buying, and the guys out front selling expired/used tickets for two-three times the face value, and the hordes of people smoking in the train station waiting-room toilet ... under the no smoking sign. I'd also miss the puddles of urine just in front of the urinals because guys think it's a pissing-for-distance contest. Oh, and I'd definitely miss the overpowering stench of feces and urine because people can't quite understand the concept of flushing.

I would definitely miss the one taxi-driver who, at three in the morning, broke just about every traffic law in the world to get me from the south train station to the north station, in Shenyang, so I wouldn't miss my connecting train. And, he refused to take my money. He's gotta be about the nicest guy I've ever met.
Stupid people are like Glowsticks. You want to snap them in half and shake the crap out of them until they see the light.
I love sarcasm. It's like punching someone in the head ... only with words

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this is my 9th year here, and to be honest, me and my wife are planning to leave within the next 2-3 years.
i love china, but the downsides are starting to get too much.

i won't miss 100m visibility because of pollution, 9 months of the year
or the sore throat i constantly have because of said pollution.
i wont miss having to wait for other people to start crossing at a green light as many cars wont stop.
i wont miss the constant hassle of trying to get visas sorted as the laws change with every new leader
i certainly wont miss the those who seem intent on talking to me on the bus even though im wearing headphones and reading a paper, only to ask a stupid question like "can you read?"
as much i i love the food, i wont miss the amount of oil they use.

i will sorely miss xinjiang food though. especially the 1 da pan ji place we frequent. amazing that place.
and some of the people here are just out of this world

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IF I have my way I won't be leaving China, but if I did I would never go back to my home country.  When I have to go there for 6-7 days each year, that's even too much.

IF I had to leave after 9 years I would miss my dog The urban myth that I could take him with me wherever I would go is an urban myth.

I would miss:

2. The cheap subway fares.
3. Spring Festival.
4. The high-speed trains.
5. Not having to converse with people I don't know. I can talk when I want and play dumb (literally) when I don't feel like talking.
6. Dirt cheap acupuncture sessions.
7. The McD's delivery service although I mostly only eat McD's at breakfast (love the double sausage mcmufffins).  
8. Bargaining for goods.
9. Cheap as he!! taxi rides.
10. Knowing my wife will never be raped or shot dead.
11. Being able to walk down the street or take the subway with an open beer.
12. The wacky, no-rules private transportation.
13. Being the foreigner.
14. Reading the hillariously dumb posts on CD BBS. True I can read this from most anywhere in the world, but really, why would I bother if I don't live here.
15. Being on a ship that isn't hopelessly sinking. This rat already jumped one of those ships.
16. Buying and detonating serious fireworks.
17. The Great Firewall of China. Aside from using Adblock Plus, the fact that U-Boob videos, Twit feeds, and Facecrap pages are automatically blocked makes me very happy.
18. Real Chinese food, not the deep fried crap other countries try to pass of as Chinese cuisine.
19. Being surrounded by people who ultimately mature past high-school mentality.

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