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Breast is Best! [Copy link] 中文

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Professor Chris Brand has dedicated his life to helping advance China. Here are some of the great posts on his internet blog called "IQ and PC":


Confirming the instinctive prejudices of most males, the value of the female breast was re-confirmed by Oxford University’s ‘National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit’ which found a 9% educational advantage for breastfed children (D.Mail, 21 xii) – in line with what was said in Chapter 3 of The g Factor (1996/2000).

Breast-feeding was linked to better achievement in all areas – but the advantages were strongest in communication, language and literacy, knowledge and understanding of the world and physical development. Breast-fed children also tended to get higher scores for personal, social and emotional development, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy and creative development. The results were controlled for SES and parental education and based on 5K children – a luxury unknown to 20th-century researchers who had anyhow come to the same conclusions.


Not satisfied with his work that unravelled the double helix structure of DNA and landed him a share of a Nobel prize half a century ago, top scientist James Watson came up with a radical theory for diabetes, dementia, heart disease and cancer (Guardian, 28 ii). The 85-year-old scientist turned to the pages of the Lancet medical journal to set forth his grand idea.

Watson, who had been forced to step down as director of the Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory in New York in 2007 after the New York Times quoted his ‘racist’ views on Africa and intelligence (IQ), would hold a conference at the lab in 2013 to explore his latest hypothesis. Writing in the Lancet, Watson claimed that late-onset, or type-2 diabetes, is traditionally thought to be caused by oxidation in the body that causes inflammation and kills off pancreatic cells. But he thinks the root of that inflammation is quite different: "The fundamental cause, I suggest, is a lack of biological oxidants, not an excess," he wrote.


America’s elite, normally so dismissive of IQ, found themselves having to consider sombrely and publicly in the US Supreme Court (from March 3) a case brought forward from Florida to the effect that IQ  80, not 70, should be the cut-off point for deciding mental defect in criminal cases (Nature, 20 ii).


During 2013, Jews (who had promiscuously promoted multiculturalism in the West) managed to rid Israel of 2.6K Africans (many claiming to be asylum seekers, from Eritrea and Sudan) by using the stratagem (thought up by Enoch Powell) of paying them -- $3.5K each on departure (Haaretz, 7 i). Often they were taken in by Sweden which was on a mission to demonstrate its holiness (having taken no part in World War II against the Nazis).


A research paper appearing in the academic journal Political Psychology re-affirmed (in line with the authors’ 2005 study) the genetic underpinnings of political beliefs, refuting critics who challenged previous research that linked politics with genetics. The new paper, “Genetic and Environmental Transmission of Political Orientations,” was the lead article in the December edition of the journal.

It was based upon a 2009 survey of nearly 600 sets of twins in their 50s and 60s, found through the Minnesota Twin Registry. “The data from the twin studies is strong enough now that if you don’t believe political attitudes and behaviors are genetically inherited, you can’t believe that breast cancer is genetically inherited and you can’t believe that addictions are genetically inherited,” said Kevin Smith, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln political scientist who co-authored the study (Medical Xpress, 16 xii).

{Needless to say, there was no mention of the 1977 work of Eysenck & Eaves in Nature which had already shown the genetic basis of political attitudes for any who were capable of listening.}


58% was the estimate of ‘nature’ on the results of English teenagers in GCSE exams – the simplest known to man. The familiar estimate was made from a study of 11K kids – a luxury unknown to Burt, Jensen and Eysenck but available at King’s College London thanks to Bob Plomin’s arse-licking ooops contacts with the Labour Party (Indie, 12 xii).

‘Experts’ were duly wheeled out to say identical twins might not have been so similar if they had been raised in different ‘cultures’ – flagrantly neglecting the likelihood that fraternal twins would have been even more dissimilar. Richard Garner, Education Editor of the Independent, who should have known better, described the findings as “a bombshell conclusion” and a cause of “outrage”.


Despite decades of peecee fawning on its aborigines, Australia discovered a pocket of some forty filthy, deformed and disabled abos living without electricity or running water – in New South Wales (Indie, 12 xii). They were the products of generations of incest, evidently tolerated or ignored by the Oz ‘government.’

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The Israeli cabinet approved a proposal by Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar, supported by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to raise from $1,500 to $3,500 the grant given to African migrants who agreed to leave the country. Money was also set aside to build a camp in the Negev desert through which new Black immigrants would have to pass (for medical and kindred checks) – on pain of being consigned to other camps where they would be under 24-hour detention (Haaretz, 25 xi).

{While Jews in the US had long tried to cosy up to Blacks as another ‘minority group’ which might help protect their own position, this was not the attitude of Israelis!}

    At the same time, Saudi Arabia managed to persuade Ethiopia to repatriate 50K Blacks with whom it was fed up (Yahoo! News, 26 xi). {Needless to say, the story went unreported in MSM. Even the West’s lefties did not want to take on an oil giant.}


A review of 12K twin pairs worldwide (Science Nordic, 11 xi) ‘found’ political opinionation to be 60% heritable, thus confirming the 1977 work of Eysenck and Eaves – though these names were not mentioned, whether out of peecee cowardice or just ignorance.


After twenty years of cowardice, Labour-loved and –funded Rhubarb Plomin came forward with a new girl, Kathy (apparently a “pyschologist,” said the Spectator), with the astonishing news – to peecees – that Sir Cyril Burt had been right in his 1950 estimate that nature was at least as important as nurture in determining people’s levels of g. One commentator noted:” I suspect that 'G is for Genes' will vanish into the same simpering maw of political correctness as 'The Bell Curve'. As Eliot observed, people, or at least our ruling elites, cannot stand too much reality.” Of course, Burt, Jensen and Eysenck scarcely merited a mention in the great ‘new’ work.


  Grauniadistas were shocked to their cotton socks to be told by a “government adviser” (admittedly to semi-realistic Education Minister Michael Gove, and about to retire) that children’s abilities were driven chiefly by 70%-inherited intelligence and that zillions of pounds had been wasted in trying to ignore this central truth (12 x, p.1).

Needless to say, no academic references were deemed necessary to help lefties cope with this front-page debate. It turned out that the pious worthies of the Department of Education had graciously agreed to be addressed by top psychogeneticist Robert Plomin (Independent, 13 x) – perhaps the first such meeting since Sir Cyril Burt was in action in the 1950s, since when the British educational system had been comprehensively wrecked by socialists, egalitarians, idealists, ‘progressives,’ pseudo-liberals and kindred wets.


In perhaps the first approach to eugenics by any British politician in 35 years (since Sir Keith Joseph’s anti-dysgenic Preston speech lost him the Conservative leadership – albeit to Margaret  Thatcher, who privately agreed with him), an unheard-of Conservative ministress, Louise Casey, dared to suggest that unhusbanded mothers from ‘troubled’ backgrounds might be invited to pop along to a doctor and have a wee chat about, say, contraception (D.Telegraph, 10 ix, p.1).


The London School’s Hans Eysenck was vindicated in his long-running support for Ritalin to control impulsivity as it emerged that Britain had seen a 57% increase in prescriptions of the ‘smart’ stimulant drug since 2007. By 2012, docs were writing 700K prescriptions annually (Guardian, 13 viii). In medical officialise, the drug was to control ‘attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’; but students said it simply helped concentration – notoriously deficient in extraverts as Eysenck’s work had always found.

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The Treasurer of UKIP, Stuart Wheeler, enraged the usual suspects by saying that men and women differed substantially in some mental abilities, and thus equality-imposing job quotas were wrong (BBCR4, 15 viii, 13:30). He specially pointed out that men excelled at chess, poker and bridge, and that 97% of engineers were men, whereas 66% of ‘carers’ were women – though he said he had no explanation {he had not heard of tough-mindedness – see TgF1} and followed conventional piety by denying there was any sex difference in intelligence {apparently not knowing how the wider male distribution in IQ yielded a greater percentage of individuals of really high mental ability}.

{SW, 62, had three very pretty daughters – one a model – who were much sought by paparazzi for interviews about their own views on sex differences; but the girls declined, presumably out of loyalty to their dad.}


After a leader of Britain’s Sikh community managed to bring in a lame girl from India to marry his grossly ‘learning-disordered’ son, the High Court declined to annul the union – which would require a lifetime of support from British taxpayers. The judge did however make the modestly eugenic stipulation that the couple should avoid having sex – since the son’s intelligence was so low that he was incapable of giving informed consent (D.Telegraph, 7 viii).


A man, called DE ‘for legal reasons’, with “significant learning difficulties” was ordered by the UK’s ‘Court of Protection’ (D.Telegraph, 17 viii). DE, 36, already had one child by his mentally subnormal wife. All m’learned worthies denied that eugenic considerations were involved. Rather, it was said by the judge that there was “no question” of DE having the mental capacity to use contraception and that sterilisation would free him from his present round-the-clock supervision to prevent him having sex with his wife – for any new baby would be taken into care, “causing him psychological distress.” {What a palaver in what should have been a straightforward eugenic decision which should have been made ages ago!}

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After a half century of leftist twaddle about the diagnosis of schizophrenia being a mere label imposed by cold-hearted authoritarians, a Cambridge team, researching in northern Finland (where the disorder is common), located a gene which, when even one chromosome was missing, doubled a person’s chance of the debilitating condition (Independent, 5 viii). The gene linked to schizophrenia, called TOP3B, was normally involved in unwinding the DNA double helix to allow other genes to function, especially when the nerve cells of the brain are developing, both in the womb and during the crucial first years of life. People lacking both forms of the gene had especially severe schizophrenia and a dramatically low IQ.


Re-inventing the wheel – the only sport of which UK academics were any longer capable – psychogeneticist Robert Plomin (relocated to King’s College London with his millions of Labour-loving dosh and a twin sample of 11,000 pairs) estimated that genetic factors were twice as important as shared environment in influencing educational achievement at age 16. He thus confirmed – though he did not mention – the main claim of The g Factor (1996/2000); and was called into HMG’s wretched Department of Education to ‘discuss’ his London School heresy with unbelieving and/or cowardly politicos, educationists and bureaucrats (Daily Telegraph, 25 vii, Graeme Paton, Education Correspondent).

Professor Plomin took the trouble to add what had been known by 1985, that heritability of intelligence increased with age, perhaps reaching 80% by adulthood. RP’s conclusions were spelled out in words of one syllable for the Spectator’s Mary Wakefield, 27 vii – including the gem that quite a few traits run in families, but not including the advice of Cyril Burt and TgF as to what should actually be done to educate the lower-IQ.


The tragedy of low IQ was confirmed in international data (AmRen, 23 vii):
Richard Lynn and Garth Zietsman, Journal of Social, Political, and Economic Studies, Summer 2013


It has been shown that there is an association between low intelligence and unemployment among individuals within nations. We explore the question of whether this relationship is present across nations. We find that national rates of unemployment for 107 nations, averaged for the years 2001 and 2008, are correlated with national IQs at r = -0.66, and national IQ therefore explains 43.5% of the national variance in unemployment.   Corrected for unreliability of both variables, the correlation between national IQ and rates of unemployment is r = -0.756 and national IQ explains 57.2% of the national differences in unemployment. Variations in economic freedom independently account for another 12.9% of national rates of unemployment.

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The Ladies’ Final in the world’s top tennis championship was won by a French-Spanish Marion Bartoli, 29, who, though not enjoying the good looks of her (apparently neurotic) Polish-German opponent, showed a judicious mixture of determination and graciousness, spoke sophisticated sentences in English and claimed to have had an IQ of 175 when tested as a child.

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we sure a learning a lot about genes and brain.

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Cheating Post time: 2014-11-19 00:00
we sure a learning a lot about genes and brain.

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