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Opportunities for peaceful resolution of conflicts, such as APEC and recently, the G20 meeting of heads of state in Brisbane, could have been used to bring countries together on common economic and political goals, and thereby narrow their differences in these same spheres, which China fully tried, even having Xi greet Abe in person with shaking hands, but unprepared for Abe's burst of Japanese greetings, Xi was ostensibly surprised and unable to respond without an interpreter nearby, and simply nodded casually, but still, shaking Abe's hand, welcoming him to the APEC meeting.  Sacrificing hundreds of billions of dollars in the past year to bring the value of the Yuan high enough to stifle its own burgeoning manufacturing industry, that short of government intervention could not stop filling the demand of the world for affordable Chinese goods, China capped off its tribute to the almighty West with a hundred billion dollar net loss of its much vaunted foreign currency reserve in October 2014.  The voluntary self-inflicted recession brought the PMI down close to 50.0, and if the padding were removed, would be closer to 49.0.

China made further concessions in agreeing to a climate treaty that limits its industrial production to levels of already developed countries, despite its per capita GDP being even lower than third world countries like Malaysia.  

To no avail.

In Australia, the talk about containing China took on a higher pitch and volume, even urgency, which only reminds China's leaders that concessions without reciprocity only brings more rebukes and humiliations.  Now that China is perceived as showing weakness, Japan's Abe, who just one week ago was begging to meet Xi, openly advocated for a military alliance targeted at China.  Maybe, China is really weakening, thanks to the treasonous policy of the PBOC to revalue the Yuan ever higher in the face of dropping exports, declining annual GDP growth rates, and plummeting PMI indices.

Maybe, now is the time for a coup d'grace to knock China off its feet, and pull the rug from under its feet.  A mighty crash of the Chinese economy would be sweet music to its implacable enemies.  A final groan of dissolution would be a symphony.

China is expected to placate in the face of implacability, to plead in the face of persistent provocation, and to continue to grovel in fear, strangling its own manufacturing industry as if it were the cause of its multiplicity of problems, and every indicator says such expectations are on target.  Mesmerized by a false economic model of banking, raising the value of the Yuan even higher, until its mighty factories shut down, its hardworking laborers are laid off, and laying the foundations for public unrest, China is committing economic suicide, and all the world knows it is just a matter of time before the Chinese Miracle turns into a Chinese Nightmare.  With this "inside information", foreign powers are positioning for another grab of Chinese territory, as in the treason-infested days of the Manchu era.  The event that will trigger such a grab will be a miitary conflict, most likely in the East China Sea, that will leave China without a navy or air force capable of defending its coastal cities, all over again.

Even North Korea is preparing to switch sides.  They were once betrayed by corrupt Chinese officials who not only sold them out, but went on to sell out their own country.  Remembering history, they are doing everything to avoid a repeat catastrophe.

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