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Chinese are liars ?? [Copy link] 中文

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To: Gracelee - complicated

Yes, the little things. But most don't know they are doing it, it is a way of life as it is in many other Asian countries

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Sound like your taking the same banna leaf and smoking it....
The one principal of business in China is the Art of War and it sez all warfare is based on there is a ground work for this.  Many foreigners enjoy doing this kind of busness because it frees them from the restrictions of truth that they learn in their own country, and even big business will not do any trade with Chinese company without letter of credit...this si the way it has been for so long...try to deny what is cultural and you lie about yourself..

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the liars and cheaters in the war of business

in  the trade between the Britain and the chinese before the Opium War, Chinese was at the upper hand, and then, the british businessmen started to sell opium to china,  to weaken the country and the people, beating chinese at last in both the business war and the military war.

in the trade between japanese and the chinese in the initial years when china opened up to the outside world, the japanese businessmen provided the outdated facilities and machinery to chinese factory, bringing about great losses to them.

the chinese are not teachers of cheating, but students.

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to gracelee

as a student of finance, you must know well the financial and economic situation of the world.

it is not for me to criticise the economic system of south korean, as the same problem may be true with any system, especially, that of china, which is undergoing a change.

it is true that South Korea is still advanced in automobile, semi-conductor, electronics,

but it is also true that such a remarkable achievement is bolstered largely not by free competition, and marketing, but by the non-profitable support of the whole nation, the economic tycoons in korean, including Hyundai, have loaned heavily from the state-run banks, which under the control of the central government, invest money on the big business that can gain korea the vanity as the forth largest auto-makers in the world than on the small or medium sized enterprises which would make more profits.

what i want to say is that it is very unwise to generalise that chinese are liars as is offensive to say that Koreans are idiots

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Re: "to generalise that chinese are liars as is offensive to say that Koreans ar


Koreans are but one of many Chinese ethnic minorities, and our GREAT HAN's closest cousin in this enormous, harmonious CHINESE family of brotherly nations.

I will NEVER allow anyone on this board to call Koreans "idiots" !!


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korean = chinese minorities

I checked it out in Xinhua bookstore (by Chinese Minorities Publishing House). There are korean minorities in the north eastern part of China. The book does not conclude that koreans are chinese minorities....

If this argument of yours goes, then there are chinese minorities in the USA, does that make all Chinese American minorities ?

The Korean "chaebol" (excuse my spelling) is a mechanism to create some big companies capable of competing in the world market for their ability to leverage of the economies of scale. I think it does not matter whichever method is employed (all methods have their shortfalls) as long as it works, because it is fully recognised now that Korea is a very rich country.

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re: the chinese are not teachers of cheating, but students.

I think this is besides the point, I am of the opinion that it is really poverty that makes them to do it (of course there are also true cheaters, like those uncovered by CCTV's). Usually with the customers they are familiar with, the vendors make very little money from them (sometimes as little as RMB0.10 for a kilo of vegies), so with people they are not familiar with the idea is "it's a one-time business, I will want a windfall", and hence the cheating. However, nowadays, especially the younger ones are not so "loyal" to just one vendor, simply because there are so many vendors around. My chinese friend and I went to a supermarket to buy some pears, he exclaimed "I've never realised 1 kilo of pears is actually so many, see how much I was cheated by the street vendors before".

It's the same if you go to Egypt for those camel rides around the pyramids etc, the asking price is more expensive than a ride in the bridal limosine.

But as I said, this practice is not doing the vendors any good. Many consumers now go to big supermarkets or shops with electronic scales.

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