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Chinese are liars ?? [Copy link] 中文

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gracelee - Koreans are but one Chinese ethnic minority! Keep that in mind!

" Western society V Asian society . Western society are much more honest than Asian society and westerners are much more honest than asians.I lived in both side.....I can understand why westerners in China can frustrate when they face habitual lies of Chinese....."

Let me ask, since "western society" is so great, why do you hang out all the time here in the China Daily forum?  You have apparently dumped enough crap on this board to qualify yourself as a China-hater. What you don't know, however, is that Koreans are but one Chinese ethnic minority!

Surprise, surprise!

Hear hear:

Koreans are one of Chinese ethnic minorities - get used to it!

The earliest known Korean state was conquered by the Han Chinese in 108 BC. Thereafter the Chinese set up military outposts in Korea that helped spread Chinese culture and civilization. The first of the three main Korean kingdoms to come in contact with the spreading Chinese influence was Koguryo, which emerged in the 1st century BC in the north. Paekche in the southwest and Silla in the southeast, which emerged in the 3rd and the 4th century AD, respectively, had contact with China as well. All three kingdoms ACCEPTED Confucianism, Buddhism, and most importantly, CHINESE characters as a means of communication and education.

Koreans voluntarily and enthusiastically chose to be part of the Middle Kingdom

Until the late 19th century, Koreans were quite happy to be part of a stable and largely peaceful world order with various Chinese dynasties at its center. The Choson kindom, established in 1392, voluntarily and enthusiastically positioned itself to be a protectorate of the Ming China. By actively learning and absorbing the Neo-COnfucian civilization emanating from China, Choson became a stable and prosperous kingdom proud of its intellectual and cultural achievments.

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Koreans are but one chinese ethnic minority!! Keep in mind that Gracelee is not

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Keep in mind that south korean has been colonialised by one western power for mo

many modern young korean as well as young japanese have long forgot the history of their country which has a strong influence of chinese civilisation, or even if they do remember, they would rather forsake that part.

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liars in the west and the east

a lie in the west:

when a man endangers his power as president, he has to tell a lie:" i don't know that woman."

a lie in the east:

korean has made an extrodinary achievements in mobile industry and it has taken up the mobile market of canada at a time,

the truth is that none of its cars exported are profitable

the lie  is anyone who buy foreign cars or products are not compatriots, so they should be punished,

the truth is that  hardly can a foreign car make its appearance on the street in south korean today.
and the truth is such a narrow-minded nationalism cripples the economy of south korean and drives it out of the "four dragons in asia."

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Korea is 5th largest auto maker in the world

Hundai is the fast growing car in the world...
However, Union at Hundai is well known as notorious....
They demand pay rise all the time....
I don't know how Hundai do business in Canada, but Hundai do business very well in USA.
They are now building 22 million dollars of facility in Califonia for purpose of developing new model car.

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it's the small daily lies that give foreigners that impression

Last week, with a street vendor:

"so how much are these midget apples ?"
"RMB 4 per kilo"
"OK let me have one kilo"

so the scale was taken out to weigh, etc etc etc.

"oh that's more than 1 kilo.. RMB 5 please."
"is this really more than 1 kilo, it seems light to me.. "
"of course, of course".

I came home, and weighed the purchase on my scale - 0.75KG.

It has to be all these little things that make a foreigner think chinese lie. And these small vendors are damaging their own reputations and their own business, because people now go to these western hyper-markets or shops with electronic scales to buy stuff. They are sick of being cheated.

I am now used to it I usually will ask a seller to his face why he does that, and tell him that he shouldn't (luckily there is usually a "correct" weigh in many markets to use if one suspects it's under-weight). If I have bought from that guy before, I will go and say to him "if you do not make it up to me, I am not buying from you anymore" and I purposely make myself loud enough so others around me know my dissatisfaction.

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Re: It has to be all these little things that make a foreigner think chinese lie

For a pathological liar without any sense of shame by the name of Hooi Luan Goh aka hooligan, who has lied just about EVERYTHING on this board including her ethnicity, her gender, and even her last and first names, to come here to complain about street vendors' "lying" business practice in China, isn't that a bit too hypocritical?

Let us ask,

1. If she is that averse to Chinese habits, why is she still in China as she claims, since nobody forced her to be here? Doesn't it prove that China is still a far better place than that cesspool dump she originated from?

2. Let's assume that she is a gay woman from malaysia with close ties to orangutanic queers for the moment. Since she claimed that her late "wife", a childhood sweetheart, is Chinese, has she forgotten that her late "wife" originated from the same people that she is cursing now on a daily basis? ?

3. She admitted that her parents toil the field in Malaysia. Let us note that in Malaysia, people who work the fields eat with their bare hands from banana leaves ( in lieu of plates ), and they also use the same leaves to wipe their butts when they sh1t in fields,  i.e., they use the same banana leaf to both feed and wipe both ends of their SH1T TUBE! What, then, does she have to complain, day in and day out, about that slum in China's southwest that she traps herself in, which, compared to the cesspool dump that she originated from, is a MUCH BETTER place that she won't leave even if she is spitted upon EVERYDAY ? ? ?

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