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Chinese are liars ?? [Copy link] 中文

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Yes, as a foreigner living in China I am amazed at the amount of lying.  About everything all the time.  I simply don't trust you people with narrow eyes and yellow skin anymore.  

What's more I can PROVE that you lie more than us.  The Chinese don't trust each other either, they know that everyone here lies.  This is evidenced by the necessity to have trust-building activities in any sort of negotiaon/business situation.  Elaborate meals at restaurants with lots of ganbeis and proclamations of eternal friendship.  

The fact that there are so many excellant restaurants in China is indirectly due to the fact that the Chinese are so dishonest.

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Right here

To (dis)gracelee
"I have many Chinese friends in United States.
They are all good friends of mine and I've never felt they lie to me.....
Unfortunately none of them from main land China...."  ---- you are not telling me that you are as MUTUALLY INTELLIGENT as seneca, hedan, tssss, dobridan.... , to the degree that you didn't understand that you suggested "Chinese are liars" in the heading of your article, and the above quoted your article, as you designed? It is up to the people's free will of those in Malaysia, Singapore, etc. as to whether their chinese origin would be considered or not. As to the Chinese in either Mainland or Taiwan, there is only one option - Chinese of country China.

To Andy Dobridan, also known as andydob, and others
are you saying politicians are born as politicians?

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To ubersuave -- you own statement proves that you are the liar.

"What's more I can prove that you lie more than us" --- This statement is a true lie, attached to the fabricate, hollow accusation of this article without any substance, evidence provided, with the intention to repeat your prevalent deceptive techniques. You don't have credibility to prove anything, not even yourself!!!

"The fact that there are so many excellant restaurants in China is indirectly due to the fact that the Chinese are so dishonest." ---- You are so lovely of having made this illogical statement!! Obviously there is no further comment by me is needed.

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stupid lies.......

A clear example of how the Chinese try to make the "possible" investor happy by using a white lie. By phone conversation.

Investor: Which is the maximum height of the factory?
Official: We have various heights available. What do you exactly need?
In: The minimum we need is 7 meters.
Off: No problem, that's no problem.

Once the personal meeting was held it turned out to be that "there is a small problem.Our available facilities at present are only 5,80 meters high. Is that a problem for you?"

I lived this case personally. The official said a white lie to please the investor. Why? It would had been easier if he had said the truth from the start.

I could put some other examples, in the car-rental business etc..

Maybe in Ch*na some white lies are not considered as lies, but to the foreign eyes and especially when doing business, lies are simply that, lies. And if somebody lies to you, it is difficult to trust that person in the future.

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lies and cultures

you come across liars wherever you go, ppl lie at times for different reasons,
you lie on one thing to a certain person, but   may be true to another.

a chinese may tell you that he is not hungry and thirsty when he is really is, remember: it is a token of politeness,

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Western society V Asian society .

Western society are much more honest than Asian society
and westerners are much more honest than asians.
I lived in both side.....
I can understand why westerners in China can frustrate when they face habitual lies of Chinese.....

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To Chineseyang

Reply: No, people are not born politicians, whores, lawyers, chauvinists,rasists.
They chose these ways themselves.

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