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Chinese are liars ?? [Copy link] 中文

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Are you asking a quesiton:

    Are Chinese liars?

Or making a statement

    Chinese are liars.

I want to be very clear before making a comment.

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Everyone lies!

well you wanted to hear a foreigners opinion well here i go.  I have only been in Shenzhen china for four months at a gig but in that time i've realise a couple of things and that is yes chinese people lie constantly but not with malicious intent and that foreigners are just as bad but we call it secrets.
  How many ladies have told me they have no boyfriends only to meet the husband the next day....mmmm...interesting but at the same time there are certain members in my band who say they have no girlfriends when they have many.
  I am of the old school of thought to tell the truth straight up no matter what the cost....the only thing i can't stand is when people lie to me.

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This is only about opinions chineseyang do you feel you need to bring others down for their opinions because they differ to yours??  Does that make you more right or way wrong?  Get off your high horse and come back to reality its not worth bringing others down over an opinion.

peace and love people
remember it

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1.3 billions liars?No, it's not possible.

liars are allover the world, not only in China.
Lie is not good behavior. But i rather glad you don't say all the liars are come from mainland, it's not a correct conclusion.

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I am the original poster

and I am amazed this thread is still keep going strong

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There is one English word to describe those people who call the Chinese "liars".

The word is IGNORAMUS which means an ignorant person. But I will go further to say such a person is not only ignorant but has NO BRAINS, only A BIG MOUTH.

Don't pick on the Chinese. People of all nationalities tell lies. Throughout the world people are calling American President George Bush a liar regarding the "weapons of mass destruction". We don't know what  the truth is but even his Presidential election opponents call him a liar. Also the United Nations officials call Bush a liar.

I live in Sydney, Australia. Many people call the Prime Minister John Howard a liar. There is a web-site:  
Just read it to satisfy yourself that not only other nationalities but their leaders tell lies.

TO YOU GRACELEE how come you have so many special Chinese friends in the United States who do not tell lies? But if they are naturalised Americans then let me tell you their President tell lies.

I think this phrase aptly describes you: "ONE SCREW LOOSE'.

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Three cheers Edward Tow

Thank you for taking those words from my pen. I had meant to ask what special friends Gracelee has who don't tell lies whereas all other Chinese including you and me tell lies.

We were born the natural way by our mothers so we tell lies. Perhaps Gracelee's friends were born from the anus so they do not tell lies. I had better tell that to the best obstetrician in Hong Kong.

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