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Chinese are liars ?? [Copy link] 中文

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To "grace"lee and the alikes:

"I like to hear foreigners opinion 2004-07-07 12:00" --- You have given your "foreigners opinion" on CD by posting this article. If you expect your  pure deceitful "foreigners opinion", go to Washington Post, or New York Times, or any other your "privately owned" US propoganda.  

This is China Daily, which allows the freedom of speech by allowing the readers to share their truthful information publicly on CD. Who give you the rights to destroy the human rights of freedom of speech on CD by regulating that only "foreigners opinion" that you like to hear is allowed to serve your purpose of deception?

"I like Chinese." --- There is no need to white paint youself as a "chinese lover" for your deceptive purpose. Smart A!!
"I was kind surprised that some foreigners tell to Chinese " not to lie ". This is somewhat surprised me...... 2004-07-07 09:31"

Answer to you: Your exact  intention, your deception made and spread on CD, and conveyed in this your article by vice engaged by your "correspondence" on CD (see the posters' "name" list) are to falsely accuse the "Chinese are liars" to deceive the readers by presenting your false evidence that you are not a liar. This your tactic, fell into the scope of Chinese saying: a thief crying "stop thief".

So according to you: "Taiwan chinese do not lie. Mainland Chinese are liars" ----- Is A-bian's "assassination" a lie? Is A-bian a liar? You ought to have known all of these, didn't you? Is this a sufficient evidence to prove that you are a, the, liar.

Tell me how much knowledge do you have about Chinese "face"? You shameless aggressor!!

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Knowledge about chinese face

>>>Tell me how much knowledge do you have about Chinese "face"? You shameless aggressor!!<<<

It is not actually even lies that leave the bad taste. Liars are everywhere, Ch ina does not have monopoly in this.
The thing , that in our , westerners eyes makes somebody completely loose face is his inability to admit the lie, mistake or wrongdoing.The never ending story of cover ups, een if the truth is more than obvious. The stupid and mule-like negation of clear faults.
This is the biggest difference between our cultures.

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The culture of untruth

It is true that most all I know will not beleave anything they hear in China and only half of what they see.  True goverments lie to support their mission and work towards their goals with lies to help their approach to thier wants.(And just because no WMD were found doesnt mean there never were any)  I think what we are talking about here is un truths that are in everyday culture.  Many western compnies will only deal with China if there is already money in the bank.  Try to sell something on E-Bay from China and no on  will bite.  Want to buy a certain type of beer in a bar and you are told it is out of stock, only to see it behind the bar.  Then some lame excuse that it is a bottle and you ask for a can, when of cource you did not.  The reason, the promoter of said beer was running a promotion and the owner makes more money from selling the promoted beer than the one wyou requested.  Un truth is busness here and if the foreigner wants to live in China then he has to join in and wage the war of un truth.

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Is this a result of * Culture Revolution * ?

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Are you an American??!!!!

Do not  pretend to be ignorant and gracious!!!!!

Look "great" American presidents' boudless lies...

Presidents are the symbols of his nation and country!!

Look at Bush!!!!!

Heng!~~~~     Can any one have more words to be against me!!!????

Please do not say like this : " It is only his own personality!! …………"

I thinck  all are nonsenses!!!!

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If I say American are nuts

When you post Chinese are liars, I can sure feel a strong sense of overbearing arrogance inside your deep soul, and probably it is typical of American arrogancy.
Should you put it this way, say, why many Chinese are liars or even why so many Chinese are liars, I should have been very glad to share my knowledge with you guy. But sadly, never a chance that would happen. And you’ve made me really very sick instead.
Just imagine, if I say President Bush is nuts, there is a possibility that quite a few American will completely agree with me in that and probably you will agree to that statement too, because anyway Bush could never represent all Americans. But if I allege that American are nuts, I am sure 99.9% of Americans will be offended by my words. The reason is simple and I guess you will figure it out without much thinking, don’t you?
By the way, I am a bit confused about this. If Chinese are liars, why so many westerners rush to china to invest, to do trade and to learn, just because they like to invest and to do trade and to study in a nation full of liars, or simply because they are liars too, otherwise they should be nuts whatsoever. Oh, I am sorry and forget one thing. Maybe they come to china in the good name of introducing western freedom and democracy and of course western honesty just like they once did a hundred years ago when they invaded china. When It comes to me, I am even more confused about this. If they are so honest and of integrity as they appear to be, why did their ancestors rob us like nasty burglars and these so honest descendants still refuse to return those huge amount of national treasure to us, which of course still be kept in these gentlemen’s private hands or these honest nations’ great museums.
Before it comes to an end, I’d like to remind you of something: why they rocked World Trade Center? Why they hate American so much? Are they born terrorists?

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To Yang

There are some people left in countries that are not politicians.
We are talking about normal people.

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