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Hong Kong Betrayed. [Copy link] 中文

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As the Western supported rebels regroup and return to the barricades dutifully preserved for them by Leung and Lam, Hong Kong goes back into the economic death spiral that the Mong Kok Anti-Occupy breakthrough seemed to have stopped.  What happened after this is a study of how winners lose and losers win.  Having broken the back of the protest movement through what basically was an uprising of the residents of Mong Kok against the illegal occupiers, Leung and his supervisors wanted to take the credit, and added their own signature antics to the heroic action of the people of Hong Kong, by pretending they are in control, through allowing the barricades to stay while the protesters slink away.  The absence of the Mong Kok residents tearing down the barricades coupled with the disappearance of the protesters is supposed to highlight the "superior strategy" of HKSAR leaders and their supervisors in somehow mysteriously forcing the retreat of the legion of foreign stooges.

I have warned in a post in this forum of their stupidity in allowing the barricades to remain in the false hope that the talks would end the impasse, when in reality, removing the barricades first ahead of any action, would have been the best option for HKSAR and China.  In vain.  Instead, it was the foreign stooges and students who understood the analysis and pre-empted the "superior strategists" at the HKSAR and their supervisors, by returning with a larger crowd to Occupy Central in order to force the HKSAR to remove the barricades with bloodshed.

Absent in the equation is the welfare of the average Hong Kong resident, whose livelihood is being trampled upon, and tolerated being trampled upon, by the protesters, and by the HKSAR government, respectively.  Both are irresponsible and reprehensible to the average worker and shopkeeper who has to earn a living.  Instead, both sides are playing politics and grandstanding because they are paid with monies that have nothing with working for a living.

Both are hoping for the Hong Kong public to experience more pain and more suffering, so that the other side can be blamed and politically bankrupted.

The clowns, we once thought were solely on the side of the Western media backed circus, apparently are also very much inside the HKSAR and Chinese side as well.

The two sides are playing essentially the same game.  Assured of a comfortable life by their respective foreign and domestic backers, they have nothing to fear from a meltdown of the Hong Kong economy.  Surprisingly, we are reading highly intelligent articles by well educated Shanghainese and Beijingese writers with undertones of wishing Hong Kong "good luck" because she deserved it.  Some say Hong Kongers are spoiled brats who deserve to lose their high flying lifestyles through an exodus of foreign capital that would be better treated and better secured in the "politically stable" environments of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing.  The idea that what is bad for Hong Kong may be good for other parts of China has slowly poisoned the national discourse about the Occupy Central movement that is a challenge, not just to Hong Kong, but to the sovereignty of the entire country.  

Nonetheless, the pent up misgivings about a city whose residents have always felt more privileged than even the largest cities in China seems to have affected the nation's response to what is essentially a challenge to its own right to exist.

To the Western powers, they have similar misgivings about the Hong Kongers who for the most part are satisfied with being loyal citizens of China.  A meltdown will teach them a lesson who gave them all this prosperity (even if they were the crumbs that fell from the Opium Trade and the Cold War embargo on China).  

If you look across the entire political landscape of Hong Kong, there is no political axis that truly puts Hong Kong residents welfare at the top of its agenda.

The Mong Kok resistance was an aberration, that both sides want to suppress, because it detracts from their claim to being in control of the destiny of Hong Kong, a claim that will be used to justify their perks and privileges in the ensuing regime change in HKSAR, and perhaps, the foreign powers hope, eventually, in the rest of China.

Sad to say, China will fail because it does not put the livelihood of the Hong Kong residents at the top of its priorities.  Instead, it is banking on the anger of the Hong Kong public to eradicate the Occupy Central subversives.  Relying on the ravaged and ravished population of China to fight the Japanese aggression never really worked, and will not work now either.  Instead it will lead to Hong Kong public's resentment towards China.

Being the offiicial government has its drawbacks.  If the economy of Hong Kong fails, the blame would rightly fall on China first, and on the foreign powers next.  Why?  Because it is the responsibility of the official government to secure the livelihood of its citizens, not that of the invading powers.

China's strategy of making the Hong Kong public suffer even more is so callous and stupid that if Hong Kong were to suffer an economic breakdown, it would have turned the entire Hong Kong public against China, and set the foundation for its future secession from China.

But, there is no cure for this mental illness.

The endpoints of the strategies of both China and the foreign powers is the economic breakdown and the subsequent political realignment of Hong Kong.  But their common nexus is that Hong Kong must suffer a meltdown.  If I were living in Hong Kong, therefore, I would find an alternate employment elsewhere or invest somewhere else, because with the kinds of leaders one will have on either side, the average Hong Konger would not have the chance of Chinaman.

The alternative is another Mong Kok Resistance, but this time, it will face enemies from both sides, and the fight may become too bloody to be worth the attempt.  In fact, it may be crushed mercilessly by both sides.  Better to leave, and let the clowns battle it out on the streets of the Hong Kong of the good old days.

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seneca Post time: 2014-10-11 21:46
It is China that deserves blame.

One of the countries directly interested by what's going on in Ho ...

Stupid, there is no a country named Taiwan.

Does S. Africa admit it?
Does Germany admit it?
Does the UN admit it?
Even does Taiwan name its so-called country Taiwan?

Well, the leader of TW is not Mao's relative. His surname is Ma not Mao. You are confused by everything... there is not so-called democracy, but democrazy, kleptocracy in the world....
There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul.-Victor Hugo

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Wise words from Taiwan president Ma Ying-Jeou: “Thirty years ago, when Deng Xiaoping was pushing for reform and opening up in the mainland, he famously proposed letting some people get rich first."
“So why couldn’t they do the same thing in Hong Kong, and let some people go democratic first?”

Beijing should listen.

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The Chinese model of socialism and democracy, and indeed both are part of its political philosophy even if the West denies China has achieved milestones in democracy within China, such as holding the feet of its officials to measures of public peace, order and productivity, that the West deems irrelevant to being democratic, requires that both ideologies be subject to the ultimate test of serving the people.  Elections that merely allow foreign powers to influence the outcome of what should have been purely a decision by the people is not democracy.  This kind of democracy that the West demands of every country is "Western democracy" in which all other democracies must listen to the dictates of the West, through their leaders elected by dint of Western manpulation of their press, their military, and their monetary systems.  China has been working steadily towards "Chinese democracy" where the government is first made answerable to the people by its deeds, and where foreign powers are totally excluded from the process of selection of its public officials.  

The real battle is not between Chinese communism and Western democracy as the neo-Nazi's wishing nothing but demise for China are trumpeting in their mainstream media.  The real battle is between Chinese democracy and Western democracy, and its all about advancing their national interests.  Thus when China moves to defend her national interest by excluding foreign influence on the nomination of the next HKSAR Chief Executive, the West accuses China of "nationalism", when in fact, its very act of interfering with the politics of HKSAR of China is due to its own firebrand "nationalism".  

"It's all about national interest, stupid," should have replaced all this talk about who is democratic and who is not, and rightly so, because if democracy cannot guarantee the national interest of any country, what good is it?  It would merely trade homemade despotism with foreign fascism.  Only fools talk about democracy without reference to their national interest.  The mere form of democracy guarantees nothing, not even the representativeness of the officials elected by the voters the form of government is supposed to benefit, as every democratic country can attest to, when officials elected after a bitter electoral contest proceed to sell out their electorate to special interests, routinely in fact.

Ma got it wrong about Hong Kong.  He is more interested about winning the next election for the KMT, than about the national interest of China.  Turned politician that he already is, nothing that he says serves the national interest any more.  Not on Diaoyudao.  Not on Hong Kong.  Not sadly, even about himself.

Winning the next election - is the bane of the public good.  China should never have agreed to any deadline for what it thinks is a concession toward democracy in Hong Kong, to please its foreign critics.  The very idea that there could be an election has made turncoats of its own point men in Hong Kong, who when faced with a choice to defend the national interest, or to preserve their prospects for being elected to any office in a future election, would naturally put their personal interest above that of the national interest, such as in the question of whether the barricades should have been removed while the protesters are deserting the streets in droves.  National interest would dicate, YES, REMOVE THE BARRICADES WHILE THE CHANCE OF BLOODSHED IS LEAST.  Personal interest would dictate, NO, LET THE BARRICADES REMAIN SO I WOULD NOT BE REMEMBERED BY THE PROTESTERS AS A TYRANT WHO DISMANTLED THEIR REBELLION.  

Putting personal interest ahead of the national interest becomes ingrained and ineradicable when the object of politics is to win in the next election.  It has already infected the thinking of the HKSAR officials who were appointed by China.  The public is no longer the master to be served, but the masses to be used, to win elections, to win street battles, to serve the special interests who can manipulate it with mass media and activist groups.  The nomination process outlined by China is its way of preventing such an outcome.  But already, its own appointees in Hong Kong are looking forward to the time when such safeguards would be removed, and are aiding the foreign stooges in putting pressure on China to rescind its own requirements for nomination by letting their barricades remain on public roads and plazas, even while the protesters were leaving their own outposts.

Democracy, properly applied, with or without elections, is a good thing.  Improperly applied, it is as cruel as any form of despotism.  The best example of which is the Nazi regime that was cleanly elected by the German people, who in turn deprived them of every liberty in the name of their votes, and made them into slaves of its war machine.  And, that was not the last of such an example either in the modern world.

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Mr. Leung, tear down the barricades!  This time, you can only do it one at a time, maybe only a dozen in a day, to do it safely without bloodshed.  But this is your job.  You wanted it.  You owe it to the residents of Hong Kong who need to make a living.  You owe it to them.

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