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Bad service in British Airway [Copy link] 中文

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B.A the old lady

I guess it is true then, it is full of old hacks who could not care less.They should have the dignity to resign or something like that and give the younger British a chance.
You wonder why they hang around, must really have thick skin or cannot get a job anywhere else.
I really wonder why BA is still around?

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There may be a good reason why rice wasn't on the menu -- it's not a staple British food.  The name of the airline is "British" Airways after all.

Would I find roast potatoes on Singapore Airlines?

I'm jealous you all can afford BA, I'm always stuck with some ex-Soviet flying beer can of an airline.

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speaking of airlines

Did I mention to you, the travel warlords, that as a young, brave man, I used to fly as much as, and whenever I could?

But  one day on Hainan Airlines my guts were spilled out.

We took a Shenyang-Xiamen flight, it was SARS high time too and the plane was small, almost looked like it could not lift the weight.

We took off, and only 100 meters above ground the plane changed direction very abruptly, turned downish as if it was going to crash- nose first.

But somehow, it got up again and it went high, very very high. At one point I thought it might leave the earth and accidentally enter space!

during those 4 hours, 3 hours and 60 minutes were POWERFUL turbulence, at a 14 richter scale if you like.

So after that, everytime I get on a plane- shame I have to- I minikinda-panick.

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Korean Airlines? Ha!

I travelled to the USA from Oz on Korean....honestly, I was more sick than I believe any human being could possibly be, after eating their food! When I asked for 'water' and even mimed drinking from a glass the flight attendant just stared at me and walked off! When I finally got to sit down for the last 2 hours of the flight (after spending the previous 7 hours in the toilet throwing up- I kid you not!) and tried to sleep an attendant came and poked and prodded me for about 10 minutes trying to wake me up to eat!

But, if anyone gets a chance to fly with Japan Airlines, do so. I found their service was excellent (though I had twice the luggage limit as I've just moved to China for a year, they were so understanding and didn't charge me a cent!), was understanding and an attendant immediately took off to find some lollies/ candy to ease the pressure on my ears just before landing, and put me up FOC in a simple yet very comfortable hotel (Hotel Nikko) during my stopover.

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Korean Air

Well, my husband and I took Korean Air from the US to China, and it was much better than we expected. We enjoyed the flight, although it wasn't a perfect sleeping arrangement -- what plane is? I didn't think they were awful. I also didn't think they were perfect, but some of the faults are not things easily accomodated or changed.

However, we'd been long acclimated to Asian food of many sorts.  When they offered us a choice of an "American" meal or a Korean one, well, we took the Korean-style meal. The American meal scared us a bit. It only looked vaguelly familiar. Seaweed-wrapped rice, though, well that's just fine -- I like kimbab! My husbandI also figured they're more likely to get Korean cuisine right than Western cuisine. The fact that they at least try to make Western food for their foreign customers gave me a higher opinion. I just keep in mind that their catering service is Korean. ;)

(Some of the "Western" restaurants here in China weird me out, plain surprise me, or make me laugh. It's a very peculiar mixture of European, American, and . . . something. I'm not sure what. I strongly suspect some odd interpretations of French cooking techniques . . .  or just cheerful intermixing with Chinese techniques. Who knows? But I sure miss good Mexican food.)

I distinctly noticed the language gap. Their service was okay, but most of their employees don't really speak English. It was not perfectly easy to get someone's attention. Koreans are required to study English, like Americans have to study a second language in school -- and, of course, we all forget if we don't USE it. =) That was a problem, a large one.

I felt REALLY sorry for some of our fellow passengers, who were from South America and didn't know English! I know they had a rough time. I know all that food had to look mighty suspicious, too. I think the "American" meal was a beefsteak of some sort. I don't recall exactly.

What I liked was that on our shorter flight from Inchon to Tianjin, they also served us a light meal. American companies wouldn't have served a meal for a flight less than two hours long! Unfortunately for other foreigners, it was Korean food only. Didn't bother us, but I know it would bother other westerners. Knowing what I know, I recommended to some of my family to fly on western airlines, not Asian ones. The food would just cause a few of my relatives' heads to spin! They'd starve!

We're about to take a trip back to the US for our winter vacation. I think we're flying on ANA this time. If we have a truly awful time, I'll post it. I hope we don't!

I haven't really dealt with any "bad" airlines. On our way here, we had people from America West bend over backwards to make sure we didn't have to do a horrible luggage transfer in Los Angeles, because we were changing airlines from them to Korean Air and had a long layover. Bless those people. If we'd had to drag ALL THAT LUGGAGE across LAX, of all places . . . ugh. What a thought!

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