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The Day After Tomorrow--Warning all of us. [Copy link] 中文

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Yeah baby, Yeah

Yeah, someone should keep us informed about the Euro 2004. Please Amanda let us know about all the forthcoming matches, so we dont miss them!!!

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To Gangsta.

I do not fan on Euro 2004, so I hornorably give the chance to you of keeping ALL of us informed with the latest news of Euro 2004. Since you started to talk about it, I'm sure you a fan of

I hope you can do a good job on this. I'm looking forward to hearing the latest news of Euro2004 from you, Mr. Gangsta.

Have a nice day! Have some beer and sit in front the TV and wait for the Euro 2004 to pop up!

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No not really

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where can i get it


This movie is so popular, but i want to know where I can downlown it.

pls advise with thanks,


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To Pearl

I have no idea of where you can download it online...maybe you can watch the trial or try to buy a DVD.

Worth watching.

But one thing I your name Qingqing? Cuz that is MY name too!

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One of the worst movies....

I have ever seen.  Special effects were cool, acting was horrible, political tone was obnoxious and condescending and basically it was a waste of money to go see it.

The Earth has had HUNDREDS, if not thousands, of ice ages over its history.  The position of polar ice caps changes periodically and there's nothing any human can do about it or ever did to cause it.  The moon's orbital path moves a few inches per year farther away from the Earth.  If you know Newton's universal gravitational pull formula, you don't have to be a math genious to figure that our oceans' tides will go crazy when the moon gets to be too far from us.  Nothing we can do about this.  The sun is also expanding.  Over billions of year, it will eventually engulf Mercury and Venus, and cook the Earth like marshmellow in the process.  Again, nothing we can do about and nothing we did to cause it.

The last ice age happened long before humans had even learned to ride horses, much less invented SUV's.  Halliburton did not cause it.  The CIA did not cause it.  It happens and will happen again.  It's really shameful that so many people use a change of 1-2 deg. in the Earth's temperature to ram their political agenda down everyone else's throat.  Bring a discman and listen to cool music when you see this movie.  Special effects are good, but would be best without the silly story or dialogue.

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To: Meigouracing - Worst movie

You got that right. Good analysis; of course I'm a little biased since I wholeheartedly agree with your premise.

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