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Goodbye to the regulars here at China Daily Forum   [Copy link] 中文

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cmknight Post time: 2014-8-15 18:21
I never said that I was full of love ... you made the claim that I was full of love.

You say you  ...

"of course, your goal is to make me angry"

---Why should I make you angry if you didn't ask for it? What goes around comes around.
I barely knew your existence until you catch my eye with your reply to my posts. So only you can post and I can't reply?

Wasn't my intention to make you angry,but if you are,that's not my problem.

In this world,there's always little quarrel about something among people.And there is always a group of people,which is among the 3rd party. From this 3rd party,some members are capable of easing the quarrel because they are fair and clever enough. But unfortunately,some other members are incapable of the help,rather they are making it worse by joining the conversation. They thought they are the justice,but they have no idea they are just worse the situation. Such is your case. You are not doing favours but only making troubles.

What I ask,is just for Seneca to not reply my posts,as I don't like him or his action of such. What's the problem with that? He can always post any of his opinion independently,can't he? If you didn't notice,I've told him friendly or unfriendly many many times,months ago,but it all felt on deaf ears. So my dislike for him gets stroner,because he ignored my feeling and reasonable request. It's not my intention to abuse the forum,but Mr. Seneca left me no choice. So if he will not stop doing that,then I think it's fair of me to make him feel what I feel by replying his posts like the way I did today.

We all have a point of view,we are all thankful for the chance and respect CD is giving us to allow us to post.
So,even if we disagrees with someone else,why can't we post it more friendly,why do we have to mock people,just like Mr. Seneca has done? I don't like his tone of talking,I don't deserve his bitter comments. I have the right to ask him to stop,and he should listen. But if he doesn't stop,of course I will have him taste my bitterness. If justice does not speak for me,I will speak for him.
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forget-me-not Post time: 2014-8-15 15:51
Why are you so nervous defending about being to Dongguan? What did you do there?
There's nothin ...

What could you possibly do wrong in DG?

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forget-me-not Post time: 2014-8-15 15:56
You don't understand a bit of a humour. You claim to be so intelectual and know so many thigs a ...

"You claim to be so intelectual"

Combines humour, irony and poor spelling. And how does one "sign" a "sigh", or is this a merely a very common facial expression ?

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coralbay Post time: 2014-8-15 19:48
"One is trying to crawl on you in this thread."

We noticed that you were still learning how to wa ...

Did you think that up all by yourself?
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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zglobal Post time: 2014-8-13 09:55
Well I would encourage you to stay.

After ll the only way to dilute hatred is for normal well adj ...

Well I would encourage you to stay.

"After ll the only way to dilute hatred is for normal well adjusted people to out number them...

This forum is infested with hate mongers and most are a small group of about 5 to 10 people with multiple handles."
I think at least one or two are on the payroll  of a foreign hostile organization.
They are here and in other Chinese forums under different handles to demonize China and influence the posters.

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