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An article recently published in China Daily written by Wang Zhenghua said just at the begining of it ...." A growing number of primary school students in Beijing are suffering anxiety and depression,...." I would like to say that this not only happens in Beijing, but also , anywhere you look around China.

Students are the receivers of the pressures coming from their parents and also their tutors; children are the meat of the sandwich.

Parents focus on their only child trying to make of them  "walking brains" and forcing them to study middle and high school as if life depended only on the result obtained during these years.

Teachers, on the other hand, are themselves under pressure from the leaders, to  try to "produce" as much qualified students as possible( this is showed on how many of them reach a "good" University) and so they transfer this pressure to the students.

And what have the students to say about all this? Nothing, they have nothing to say and very frequently their opinions are not considered at all. So it is easy to understand why "our" students are anxious and depressed. They have all the pressures but no "valve" to escape from this pressure.

We will have to start to think that, MAYBE, we are putting too much responsabilities on the shoulders of our students........sometimes we just forget they are simply this, students, children, in a word people just like us....not machines in a producing line.

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My students yesterday...

One 12-13 years old girl told me that she had just completed 5.5 hours of study. At home...on a saturday. She had tutors as well. This is OVERKILL people.
Most of the class had done a substantial study stint on saturday or they had just gone to school all day.
*Notable exceptions were a few boys who said they played 4+hours of video games.

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i'm sorry you are right ......

I'm sure that all of us know why we must study, it isn't for our parents or even those tutors, but ourselves.
        I'm a student in TEDA NO.1 Middle School. Of course I don't like studing very much, just like other students maybe all around China. To tell the truth we prefer to playing not only because it's own fun but to find a simple way to forget the anxiety and depression.
        I don't think we are the meat between two pieces of bread, but a valuable thing which is grabbing by several person. And one of them is myself. I want to achieve my dream in my own way while someone else are trying their best to let us do completely another thing. So we are not very happy, and that's the point.
        No matter how anxious or depressed the work will be, if we like to do it, we'll do it !!
        Yes! We will do it !!!!

This is my first time to write something that will be seen in public, and i know that there must be some funny mistakes. But that's nothing. And I'll show that I'll do it if I want to do......

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re: harvey

very good post.  thank you for giving your viewpoint as a student.

in singapore, this competitive spirit is given a label: kia su.  forgot what it means, but it's something having to do with fear of losing out to others.  my brother-in-law has young twin boys there, but wants them to grow up elsewhere (either shanghai or the u.s.) because of the presure they will face as students.

but (in china) with intense job competition even among university student graduates, what option do students have except to work harder than the next guy?


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we must reform our style of education!

We all know that there are so many defects in today's educational style.As the result of these,lots of students of China are good at passing the various exams but lack of abilities to solve the practical problems.In addition,they also lack of proper ability to communicate with the other people in society.
Under the circumstances,all of us,especially the officials of government,have the responsibilities to do something which can get rid of the bad influences of it.
The students in China are tired.Maybe the students all over the world are suffering  the same things.but it must be worth it while!
So it is high time that we should reform our style of education,because education is the foundation of China's development!

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the competition

is everyhwhere, not just china or east asia, although it seems stronger there.  I know the students, or  what I call "education slaves", that go to IIT(indian institue of technology) live their early childhood lives pursuing the acceptance of this university.  Once a ray of brightness comes out of them as a child they are harvested to become brililliant engineers.  Of course a lot of them are not employed unless they come to america, which most of them do.  I've seen similar 'education slaves' scenarios in japan, where the kids have like 12 hour school days.  

So, the question is what should be the balance?  Well, a selfimposed balance is easy to create, which is what most western students can do...but one imposed by society or government is a little more difficult to obtain.  Why, because of how they obtain this standard.  Do they poll the students and ask them if things are too roguh or too easy, or do they fullfill their own ambition of the country with their own self interests?  I personally think it is the latter of the 3.  

joezhang, only you can determine if it will be worth it, right?  I mean, an outside entity cannot tell you that it is worth it after you are done.  How do you determine if it's worth it?  This brings up the lovely word, oppertunity-cost.  

Senca, what do you think is better than exams?  I think hands on with labs and such are the best tools.  I especially think this is lacked in business type degrees.  Workshops and such should be introduced and weigh more than the exams.  As you said, the exam can be worthless if the content is just remebered, but not practiced.  Aside from homwork, I don't see how student in the US can cheat, with the exception of large classes, but those are usually used for basics (scince, english, humanities).

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I agree,but...

Thank you for your understanding.Your passage just is our heart voice.
     I only want to say that we are children,but we work as hard as the adults,even worse.
     The truth is so serious which can make many foreigners amased.
     Many years ago, we were the naughty and lovely kids,but we have already become the numb students nowadays.
     Our schools just like the machines which can produce us.The productions are all the same.Is it really good?
     As we know,differences make this world exciting and wonderful.And we are human.We have own opinions and emotion.
     But what's the situation in china today?
     High school students are changing to  robots.Their familys are lack
of love and care so terrible because of the pressure.
     So I complain everyday!I pray everyday!I work hard and keep alive everyday!
     (This is my first time to write a so long passage in English.Maybe
there are many mistakes.Please don't laugh at me!)
      Thank you!!!

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