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Questions to ask English experts from Chinese learners (Round 13)   [Copy link] 中文

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Thank every member who answered readers' questions from last time. Chinese English learners from Wechat are very happy to recieve your replies. Here are more questions from them:

1. I just learned a phrase called “publicity stunt”. What does “stunt” mean here? Are there other words or phrases to describe such a marketing event (I mean publicity stunt)?

2. In the “The Big Bang Theory”, Leonard is lactose intolerant and can't eat melons. What is “lactose intolerant”? How could I know if I am lactose intolerant or not?

3. Could you please list some common mimetic words of English? What are the sounds of rain, shower, wind, breeze, etc? I know cat goes “meow”. What are the sounds from mice, ducks, dogs, and other animals? Thank you.

4. Why are talk shows such as “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Konnan Show” so popular in the US?

5. In China, moms who have just given birth to a child have to stay at home for a whole month called “being in confinement”. During the month, they will not drink cold water, eat salty foods, take a shower, or any other things which are thought to be hazardous to health, or they may fall ill and the illness will last for a lifetime, as Chinese tradition tells.
I heard of Westerners don’t have such a “confinement” thing. Is that true? New moms just do as other people do? Won’t Western moms fall ill if they don’t take the “confinement”?

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1.  A stunt is when you do something for the purpose of gaining attention.  Red bull an all the extreme sports they sponsor would be a example.  

2. lactose intolerant is when your body has the inability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and to a lesser extent dairy products.  A persons body needs to produce lactase, an enzyme that breaks down the sugar in dairy products.  Infants will produce the enzyme to digest breast milk but as they move to solid foods their body will decrease production of lactase.  

The frequency of lactose intolerance ranges from 5% in Northern European countries (England, Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia, and Iceland) to 71% in Italy (Sicily) to more than 90% in some African and Asian countries.

If you want to know if you lactose intolerant,  drink a glass of milk.  If it feels likes you have a rock passing threw your body an your spraying poo out your butt then your lactose intolerant.  Also i dont know why leonard in The Big Bang Theory couldnt eat a melon.  Its dairy products not fruit.  

3. skipping this one

4. Why are some TV shows popular in china?  Same reasons would apply to a TV show anywhere in the world.  

5.  I would ask why do Chinese moms feel they need to take a confinement after giving birth?  Some of the reasons you list my be more traditional then practical in the modern world.

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I'll flesh out 3 a bit more....

If you want a write the noise a Dog makes in English if say for example you were making a cartoon with a speech bubble coming from a dog you'd write "woof", but if you want to say a dog is making a noise you'd say "the Dog is Barking" and yes, cats go "meow", but you'd be more likely to write "the cat is calling" or "the cat is crying"

Cows noises are usually written as "moo", sheep as "baa", interestingly, correct english would be "the cows are lowing" and "the sheep are bleating", in England anyway, I don't know what Americans would say for those.  Horses go "neigh"

mice squeek and ducks quack..

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lactose intolerant = 乳糖不耐症.

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A snake hisses , an engine revs up, people shout,whisper,chatter,yell,moan, gasp and but a lion roars,birds sing,chirp. Interesting !
I am lactose intolerant, no dairy food please.(you can use as speaking if you can't eat dairy products)

Not only Chinese moms but Indian moms also have to stay indoors for 40 days traditionally.  No shower, no hygiene. Pakistani pregnant women can't go to a place where somebody has died. Sometimes, they don't meet those women whose babies die after birth. It's superstition.
Warrior of Light!

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I humbly remind you of a spelling mistake in the question.    .....  Wechat are very happy to recieve your replies ............

You wrote "recieve".  Correct spelling is "receive".  
English has so many exceptions,  it is difficult even for native English speakers

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i think all expers said in previous needs study we chinese may not be more advanced in technology, but our homeculture is deeprootted

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