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A question to seneca   [Copy link] 中文

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seneca Post time: 2014-7-11 15:25
You are losing every single forumite here with your insinuations and contentions - particularly wh ...

Do Americans know whose money was cut in 1 trillion dollar cut?

Do Americans know how Clintion accumulated so much wealth?
Do Americans know why Oakland bay bridge cost 5 times more than planned?
Do Americans know why it has taken so long to rebuild ground zero?
Do French people know who bribed Sarkozy?
( Do Taiwanse people know who bribed A Bian? )
Do UK people know why Tony Blair joined US in Iraq even British people overwhelmingly dislike it?

Westerners are, indeed, good boys and girls of their "feed-me-all-I-need" media.

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seneca Post time: 2014-7-11 15:18
That is a laughable allegation Ztoa. No one "dares" suppress the Pope's views. They get publicis ...

What was Pope Benedict's opinion on Russian Pu$$y girls' protest?

I guess you don't even know as a journalist.

If you don't call it suppression of different opinions, then certainly Chinese government didn't suppress any different opinions.

What different opinions in China get less public attentions than Pope Benedict's opinions in West?

Just like I asked you and you can't deny: when there is freedom of speech according to your definition, voices disliked by media will not get public attention, even Pope's opinions.

Any question?

I bet you don't have question, but you will keep teaching others  about freedom of speech, right?

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A government always "is a bitch", if not yours then your neighbour's.

Wow, sounds 100% right?  but who are the judges here to say if government is people's or not?

Here is a question that shows why "free" media has no sense of basic logic (hence their opinions mean little in this matter or mean no more than a 5th grade's opinions):

There have been wide spread economic mismanagements in "Free" world. Who should be blamed for them?

According to "free" media, they were government's faults.

But if so, it implies the democracy they advocates is democrap, because it routinely put idiots into governments.


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ztoa789 Post time: 2014-7-11 18:16
I didn't say I know what democracy was.

But I know western democracy is NOT democracy. Here is why ...

actually you know what democracy is. otherwise you wouldn't understand the things you understand. ..

anyway, just because i understand how you feel, i want to tell you that there are westerners who agree with you, and there will always be people who don't....and for people who don't want to understand, there is nothing you can do. it's up to them alone.

you know the burning of the summer palace? let me quote what Victor Hugo the french novelist wrote, from wikipedia:

"The act of burning the palace has been perceived as barbaric and criminal by many Chinese, as well as by outside observers. In his "Expédition de Chine", Victor Hugo described the looting as, "'Two robbers breaking into a museum, devastating, looting and burning, leaving laughing hand-in-hand with their bags full of treasures; one of the robbers is called France and the other Britain."[15] In his letter, Hugo hoped that one day France would feel guilty and return what it had plundered from China.[16]"

...there were westerners who didn't agree with how china was treated. the same is true proud of china, it's enough. smart people know the truth. cheers.

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zglobal Post time: 2014-7-12 00:38
You should go and read your Chinese Constitution.
Then you will see it is totally ignored.
China d ...

Heyhey, you are really clueless at what I have been talking about.

You have a car that has issues like airbags, etc.

A journalist points them out to you, again and again and again.

Then he tries to sell his car to you, without telling you that he can't even start the engine of his car.

Will you buy his car?

ISN'T IT COMMON SENSE? Understand why I asked him the question?

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seneca Post time: 2014-7-11 22:54
I do not understand you! Are you speaking human English or some faunal variety that is English i ...

Go ahead, show us.

Did any of it get public attention?

I have said again and again, the essence of free speech is public attention to your voices. You have a report hiding in a garbage page of New York time, and no one even know such report exist, you call it "freedom of speech"? give me a f123ing break.

Such issues were even mentioned in PBS, and no Americans pay attentions. What? this is not as important as Zimmerman's case?

Go back, find something that is disliked by "free" media but at least half intensely covered like Zimmerman's case before you bring up to this forum to prove your whatever

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