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Do you mind whether your girlfriend is virgin or not? [Copy link] 中文

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Dear Monalisa, Is this question relevant?

No, I am not a virgin. But is this relevant? Reading your posts I would guess that you are quite a young woman, resentful of the chauvanism around you, more intelligent than many of your peers, annoyed at the injustice you perceive. Yet if you were not a woman it would be something else. Too old, too young, wrong colour, wrong creed,wrong class, wrong school. In the west it is the male who is now disadvantaged by harridan females who have attempted to define equality as meaning 'the same as'. Men and women are not the same. Hooray! But is it right that a man who has many sexual partners is 'admired' whilst a woman who does the same is looked down upon? No. Of Course Not!  Men oppress women fundamentally because they are scared of them, on the whole. Especially intelligent ones. To overcome this many will attempt to supress women, to denigrate them, to deny their ability. Yet to overcome this by saying that men and women are the same is patently absurd. Men are physically stronger, less emotional. Women tend to be more creative. Intelligence is about equal. We should cherish and combine the differences to make a whole. I hope that you come to such a place one day.

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dear sam, it is a pity you are not the virgin boy whom i have been looking for!!

i do agree with you that men and women are different, either mentally or physically. there can be one thing in common, both are selfish when it comes to love( even though men are even more selfish.)

to be frank, i don't mind if a man is a virgin boy or not, but i prefer a virgin boy if a choice is left to me. it really makes me feel thrilledto have the first experience and to explore something new with him. it is fascinating to see how he trembles and flushes with embarassment, hehehe

again, sam, i would love you more if you were a virgin.hahaha

and again, men and women are equals

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Man and woman are not equal.
They are compatible.
And sometimes ....not.

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what about virgin women who only want virgin husbands???

this seems more acceptable.  A fair "trade"...

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i AGREE with Monalisa...

Men and women ARE equal.

They were made as complements to each other.  The human race can not survive with only one of the species.  We need EACH OTHER.

Unfortunately, over the centuries, men have proven their insecurities by keeping women down-- and women accepted it.  Granted, men are on average physically much stronger than women-- which is why this happened in the first place.

However, women are the life givers, and this scares the male ego. (not all male egos)   Women are the nurturers and educators of children...

It's time for women to wake up!  We are the educators of tomorrow's generation.  Both male and female.  It's up to us to see our equality recognized, so that we no longer have to face these ridiculous statements thrown out by MEN...

Do you want your wife to be a virgin?  Well, you certainly better be one yourself...

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to be or not to be (a virgin)

I am a Canadian here in China.

When I first came to China, I hated the fact that most girls were virgins and waiting for their husband to be the first. It made my western idea of  "looking for fun" difficult.

But China has changed me. I can say with all honesty that I am looking for that special girl to be my wife, so of course if I plan to marry her I can wait until the wedding.

However, I also am a man who has physical needs, so I guess we could do "other things".

I vote for virgins.


If I love her, and if she is not a virgin, I would still marry her. I am not worried about being compared to other guys from her past.

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there is less and less virgin girls in china.

because chinese girls is more and more cyprian in sex.they had accepted the notion of western sex freedom.maybe i have to find a virgin only in the kindergarten.alas!

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