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Do you mind whether your girlfriend is virgin or not? [Copy link] 中文

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men and women are co-existent, it is not sex that is most important. what counts in marriage is love and faith. a woman should be appreciated for her wisdom and capability

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Why have a virgin??

Often they are not terribly sexual(or else they wouldn't have been virgins for so long). Their performance in bed may be subpar(or not), but do you want to sign a life contract if you aren't sure that you can entertain each other propely?

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my case

I met my actual wife when I was 38 years old. She was 35. We both had been married before and had had children.

According to most of you here, what should we have done?

Get married, or just forget about it?

Childish thread!

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Virgin vs. nonvirgin

Mona Lisa, I like your attitude. Virginity and faithfulfulness in relationship are confused by most people. VIrginity goes away at the first act of sex. What remains is the feelings of happiness, euphoria or discomfort and unhappiness. But if you meet someone who attracts you and your harmones are flowing, that part of the brain which discriminates actually is tempoararily inactivated and yu wouldnt be thinking about this issue.

While support, understanding, considerate behavior on the part of man are most sought by women, the pleasure derived by a woman in making love with complete unfettered freedom or inhibition is just unbelievable and if you contributed to that pleasure, you would know it and the experience is immemorable.

Now I have a question, even when one is very thrilled and happy, one is not satisfied. how do you explain that?

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to charmer

please zero your attention on to the issue of virginity, not the pleasure you get from sexual intercourse. hehehe

how come your sex experience is split up into pleasure and disatisfaction?is it because your partner is not your ideal mate? is it because your pleasure is simply physical thrill but not spiritual contentment? do you have problems in getting yourself across to your partner? you 'd better ask yourself and find it out.

again, let's reiterate the point that virginity is something passed down from the feudal society when women used to be men's properties, women were invisible ones, their identities can only be recognised by men's status. it used to be accepted that a woman was wealthy and respectable once her husband enjoyed a higher status and powerful.

the obsession of virginity more often than not brought about the tragedies of women: Thomas Hardy's Tess, the woman character of Waterloo Bridge are the most illustrative examples that come into my mind at the moment.

evidences also show that men who are preoccupied with the virginity of their wives have problems in running a long-term marriage. their suspicions,and narrow-mindedness and selfishness can only bring the marriage into disaster.

a selfish person is not to be trusted and depended upon for such an ever-lasting relationship as marriage.

girls, watch out!!!

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To: Monalisa

I like your fervor.

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whether she is or is not a virgin is just her history

what is she doing now? does she say she is a virgin to get added respect while not really being one? you generally will find out the truth later anyway. if she says she is and it's a lie, you'll find out. Honesty is more important. You may not be first, but if you make too much of it you may not be next either. if you are concerned about AIDS then request you both be tested.

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