What China Did To Win the War Over COVID-19
2020-04-09 I never left China when the outbreak of the virus was steamrolling over the country. China could have never imagined that 82,000 people would contract this virus and that more than 3,000 would die. It has been unprecedented especially when compared with the number of the SARS virus of 2002-2003.

Now, the even more utterly astounding unfolding of events have taken place as the virus reached the shores of America and has already (and is still taking) the worst toll on earth. It is heartbreaking and devastating.

What America can't imagine is the very thing that I've watch unfold here in China over the past 2.5 months. The rapid response, the highly effective actions and measures and the cooperation of the Chinese people has been astounding to say the very least.

China took two drastic measures while other countries implemented only one. China locked down immediately upon realizing the potential of this virus. This move was pure genius. The second thing that China did involved the diagnostic, contact history assessments and treatment process.

A list of what 'China Did Right'

1. locked down Wuhan and Hubei province immediately
2. encouraged people who thought they might be infected to go directly and get tested
3. aggressively and thoroughly researched the contact history of each person who was confirmed to be infected
4. restrict and limit the mobility of people so as to reduce human to human contact
5. made all testing and treatment free (this was especially vital for the poorer people who would't go get tested for fear of the cost)
6. got every community and every business monitoring and checking tempatures at entry points
7. very slowly reopened while cautiously understanding of the implications of reopening

Dr. Tedros of the W.H.O. isn't favoring China for any other reason than, 'China got it right.' The actions and measures that China took were amazing. I saw it all first hand. America can't accept the fact that 'China did it right and won the battle as quickly and as effectively as it has.'

It has been amazing for me to sit nearly on the front lines and see this miracle unfold.


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