Amazing English Enlightenment - Part 2
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事实是,New Concept English是为学习英语口语而设计和编写的。但是,大多数学校和培训中心仅使用它来教授语法规则。语法规则不会教您说或掌握任何语言。尤其不是英语。




Is the book series, New Concept English, a good method for learning spoken English? Why or why not?

The fact is, New Concept English was designed and written for learning spoken English. However, most schools and training centers only use it to teach grammar rules. Grammar rules will not teach you to speak or master any language. Especially not English.

What most Chinese English teachers and students fail to do with the New Concept English books is, they fail to read the introduction to the first book of the series. How do I know this? Well, that's an easy question. I've attended their classes and have seen them doing things that the book tells them not to do. I've also seen them not doing things that book instructs teachers to do.

When I first saw the first book of the series of New Concept English, I didn't think much of it. It seemed too simple. However, after I read the introduction, I realized that meticulous thought, research, and preparation went into the writing of these books. Each lesson builds on previous lessons and uses the most frequently used English words first. This gives the student the advantage of learning useful language rather than learning a lot of words that aren't so common and not useful.

My students master the lessons of the New Concept English book using practice and drills from videos I created for them. These videos go far beyond what the book teaches. I can take a student from zero-basis to fluency very fast. I use the New Concept English books to do this. Even though they are a little out of date, they are excellent books for learning English when you know the right way to learn from them.


SEARU 2020-02-24 21:28

About the New Concept English books: That was really a good set of textbooks which I enjoyed very much when I was in the university although my major was physics. I appreciated its direct writing style with stories were told in simple words which always drove me think further after reading. 
In my point of view, the english-to-english dictionary is better than any textbooks since very explaining to each word is a piece of cake for kids to master the basic spirit of the language! I have benifited a lot from the great teacher on both oral english and writing.