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Naysayers- Advice Needed.

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Do you happen to know someone whose favorite phrase is ‘I hate (……….)!’ and they say it so frequently about most of the things in life? They love to complain, moan and groan about weather, food, people, culture, and they complain about something which is not even related to them directly. For example, you hear them say, ‘I don’t like her hair, or I don’t like the way she dresses.’ They happen to be very opinionated about Everything that is related to them or not.

The thing is, it becomes almost impossible to hold a conversation with them on any subject because they Hate so much. That sucks! Right?

 These naysayers come in all shape, sizes and relationships. They can be found at work place, in close family, friendships which we’ve been keeping for many years but not recognizing the negative effects that it’s rendering upon us. Dealing with such energy-drainers can be really tough.

How do you deal with such people?

I seek your advice on that please!


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  • An Attitude of Gratitude. 2019-2-28 16:55

    So true! The happiest people are happy with what they have. I think a sign of happiness is the question, "What can we do together?" since it usually happens after the basic needs are handled and there is no striving, no emergency... only time to convert into something good. Thanks for your blog - it's nice to read.

  • Pornography- A clear and present menace. 2017-2-10 10:01

    Porn may be harmful to some but for many, it's very healthy.

    Stress is a constant of the human condition. It causes the body to secret hormones that are detrimental to the physical and mental health of human beings.

    Sex is an activity that alleviates stress. When climax is achieved, the body releases a plethora of both physically-enhancing and mood-elevating hormones, defeating stress.

    For males, available sex partners are often hard to find. Though not as fulfilling as the human touch of another, porn provides an alternative stress-mitigator to sex.

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