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A visit with the Past--being in the Present

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I like Racheal Wong. She is bright and witty in her articles on Sino-Affairs. The fact she writes for the Harvard Review doesn't change my opinion of her views. This is why I urge those who can pull up the Harvard Political Review website please read an article of hers under the heading above written on Jan 1 2013.

For those who can't -won't or don't want to--here is the last paragraph of the article which, in summary, is the essence of this post which I do not directly read of anyone speaking of or about  in these forums. Most people want to pit thew West and East against each other in a play game of battle. Mind you I said most--not all.

Moving Forward by Looking Back

The normalization of cross-Strait relations is an example of how the United States can maintain a non-confrontational presence in Asia, without stepping on the toes of Chinese nationalism. “China is an ancient civilization,” Kirby reminds us, “but as a country, it was founded about a hundred years ago.” As an ancient civilization, China is heir to an unparalleled legacy of economic prosperity, internal stability, and peaceful world hegemony. As a young state, it must live up to these goals, while grappling with a unique national identity that calls for a return to its past glory. The United States’ future coexistence with China will depend on how clearly we can view China through both lenses.

Does China really want to be left alone in peace while carving out a corner of the world all her own? ask to be left alone to pursue her own path of living? Yet at the same time following the space program outside earths orbit zone in the span of less than a decade be rich enough to host 2+ Olympic events, Asia and World Expo's, World games.

Obama has pushed the right button in normalizing relations with Cuba. Maybe there is a cue here for XI. The US never wanted to take over Cuba--just 90 miles off the coast.....they just didn't want Russia sitting at the stoop with nuclear weapons. When Putin made overtones to Castro recently Obama jumped right in and fixed that issue.

I would say this article has about a 2% chance of being posted.

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    As most on this thread say: comparing Snowden or even Assange to Mr. Li is comparing apples to oranges. IMO, Snowden performed a public service with worldwide repercussions. Mr. Li sold his country out for personal benefit.

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