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Charles Dickens did not write this

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nor did Arthur Conan Doyle, Tokyo Rose, Betty Boop, Plato, Socrates, Gilgamesh or Zwicky
Stalin, Putin, Churchill or Patton---but they all wish they did.

This is a love poem--for those who  are living and those who are waiting to live.

Once more into the fray--once more
Into the best good fight I will ever know
Once more--I will live or die on this day
Live or die on this day.

Is this about good and evil? Good and bad? A sour heart giving way to a sweeter ending?
Asking for a first date? Falling in love sight unseen or better yet at first sight? Do these words have colour?
Are they Dark-or mellow? Or are they just what it says...someone going into battle for the last time knowing they will not survive? Or is it someone who wants to Come Out and are in disaster what will be said?

Oh I failed to add these Are my Opinions and I will sue CD if they claim any right to any word enclosed.....Just my humour..nothing nuttin but humour.

This is a contest.....there are no losers--everyone wins----however if anyone comes up with the correct answer since there is no correct answer or even the author you just ruined everyone's day ...I will make it my mission to as "what Harvey says in Suits--US TV series out of Canada..." to make every online moment sad...

Make this better or worse..have a go at it-------------[imgid=0][imgid=0]

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    Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted your blog.

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    As most on this thread say: comparing Snowden or even Assange to Mr. Li is comparing apples to oranges. IMO, Snowden performed a public service with worldwide repercussions. Mr. Li sold his country out for personal benefit.

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