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     Love is a bear , and is also a kind of burden . The other saying is that it would not have been a burden of love .
     Maybe , long before , I have never experienced a profound love , and cannot understand the meaning of soul mate . But , in my opinion ,  I always believe that love is care understanding , one filled with love and respect , so they can exchange ideas freely and communicate with each other knowingly . Certainly , many friends can think that the age stage of the couple must own a crazy and romantic love hoilday , instead of the  flatly light and simple life  when being  with each other . For me , Love is , when you feel tired , you can  rely on your lover's shoulder and hug each other even though in silence .
    In this year , I know a boy  , and we have many same tastes and have good communication . Certainly , we leave a good impression on each other when meeting the first time . After some time , we begin dating on weekend . Gradually , we also deepened the understanding of each other and know more of each other's living habits . In the process , we also have some quarrel , some complains and the differences on some points . But , those are inevitable in the life .  On the whole , everything is moving toward the good direction .
     However , as is known to all ,  most parents will always be more or less focus on the love , and they care too much about each other's family environment . Besides , they think the love must be based on material conditions and be equal to the car or house . Of course ,  they are also for the children's happeniness in the later of life .
    So , in many aspects , making a decision is imporant and also hard when faecd with those .

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Reply Report SEARU 2014-9-1 19:29
As i think LOVE is a kind of self-comforting or self-cheating-------never intend other people would do everything for you, or you maybe hurt by yourself! ---------Maybe  you think my words are not fit, but they have come out from my heart.

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