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Speak English Right - 01/01/17

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Speak English Right - 01/01/17

You can go listen to this lesson at

Good morning.

Some of our members have asked that I do more lessons on ‘How To Talk To A Foreigner’. I’m happy to teach you more.

First, let’s review the previous lessons.

“Hi, how are you?”

“Where are you from?”

“What work do you do?”

“How long have you been in China?”

“Do you like China?”

“Do you like Chinese food?”

“How about Chinese people?”

“Have you traveled to other countries?”
“Which countries?”

“What’s your favorite Chinese food?”

“What’s your favorite country that you’ve visited?”

“What’s your favorite city in China?”

“Do you like traditional Chinese music?”

“Have you been to Beijing?”
“What’s the difference between China and your country?”

“Have you seen the Great Wall?”

“What about the smog? Does it bother you?”

“What is the weather like where you come from?”
“What do you think about the weather in China?”

“Are you on WeChat?”

“What do you think about the traffic in China?”

“What’s your WeChat ID?” (if they have one)

“Are you on QQ?” 

“What’s you QQ ID?”

Today’s New Phrases and Questions

If you or the foreigner has had a cold lately.

Person 1: “How are you?”

Person 2: “I’m good. How about you?”

Person 1: “Not too bad, but, I’ve had a cold lately.”

Person 2: “Oh, I hope you get to feeling better soon.”

Person 1: “Thank you. I hope I do too.”

This is a simple conversation, but, can be very useful for you. Learn all of these questions and you’ll sound much more like a native English speaker.

That’s all today.

Goodbye for now.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


You can go listen to this lesson at

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