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First Americans Were Chinese

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I'm teaching a course in the AP high school program at a public school here in Zhengzhou on U.S. History SAT Subject Test. The book begins by presenting the ancient history of the North American continent some 10,000-20,000 years ago. First, it states that the North American continent was not inhabited by humans in the beginning. There are no traces of humans having ever lived there originally that's been proved by archaeological findings.

The book does however, state that there was a land bridge between what is now Alaska and Siberia, Russia (presently it is called the Bering Strait). During the Ice Age, the land bridge was used by people originating from what is present day China and migrating into present day Alaska, Canada and the Pacific Northwest in the USA. 

Today, the only true Americans are those who are called 'Native Americans.' Columbus, when he traveled from Spain and came to present-day America in 1492, supposed that he had arrived in India and called these people 'Indians.' Native Americans have been called that now for many years.

During the settlement of the western regions of present-day USA, the 'Indians' were restricted to reservations and the state of Oklahoma, USA. In fact, my grandfather who was 1/4 Cherokee Indian, was born in Indian Territory in 1906. (Oklahoma did not become a state until 1907; prior to that it was referred to as 'Indian Territory' or 'Oklahoma Territory.') The border of my home state, Texas, and the state of Oklahoma is about 15 miles (perhaps 20 km) from my home. When I'm there, I see a lot of Native Americans whenever I go out. I am very familiar with them and I even have Cherokee (a Native American tribe) blood from my mother's family.

Remarkably, the similarities in facial features between Chinese and Native Americans can be quite distinct. Often, I find myself almost staring at people here in China as I see these very obvious similarities with Native Americans. I was surprised that a book, published by the very famous U.S. publisher, McGraw-Hill, that prepares students for the U.S. History portion of the S.A.T., supports what I've thought and observed, as fact. 

The conclusion to all of this is simply that the ancient Native Americans were not 'native' (originated from) America, but, they were in fact Chinese.

What are your thoughts and/or findings? Please share. Thanks.

Land Bridge connecting Asia and North America

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Reply Report ColinSpeakman 2014-3-22 18:43
An American Indian in full costume goes into a busy restaurant in LA. The reception staff ask : Do you have a Reservation?
Reply Report remitrom 2014-4-5 19:30
Yep, Migrations from "Middle World"  reached from Alaska to the tip of S America.
I think this has been genetically proven..

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