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I still remember the first time when I stepped my foot  on the land of Chairman Mao, that moment was full of excitement . Before I give you any further details about my experience as an International student in China first let me introduce somethings about China. Well living in China can be overwhelming as you know that China have largest population in the world and have big cities with huge people living in them . Life in China is very convenient  for a foreigner or a netizen as compared to life in  developing  countries or in developed countries. You can find both small towns and big cities with huge skyscrapers and never ending skylines .

In the last week of June, I received an Email which states that,“ Congratulations! Dear, Mirza Arbab Javaid you are selected by Chinese scholarship Council and we are giving you a chance to study as an International student in Shenyang Normal University”. There's no doubt that waiting to hear back from your dream university is agonizing, but it somehow becomes worth the wait after you see that one magic word: "Congratulations. The moments following a college acceptance are a blur of emotions: maybe I screamed, cried, sent a text to my best friend, hugged my family, kissed my pet,  or maybe I did all of that and then, probably, post something on social media. And there's no shortage of feel-good excited reactions . So I flew from my country to Shenyang, China on 15th of August, 2019 .

As a student I live on campus of Shenyang Normal University, life on campus is very convenient and full of fun . Our university is very environmental friendly , we have very beautiful campus, filled with lush green grass and rows of trees . The streets are very neat with clean air  and less noise. Our teachers are very professional and friendly . Their teaching method is also very interesting, they teach us how to work as one team , bonding with other students from different nationalities and culture. They teach Chinese language with easy and fun way as you know what I mean is  teaching Chinese langue by making jokes and making us laugh , I can learn and pick some Chinese words very easily. Most of my afternoons I spend my time reading in library, the architecture design of our library is very unique that gives me insight into the history and soul of the place . I can study very peacefully and also get very innovative ideas because our library is a work of art. I can also buy coffee from my library cafe shop as a wise man once said, “Coffee is always a good idea”. I can find all the daily necessities very close to my dormitory like fruit shops, supermarket, hair saloon, dinning hall, post office and medical emergency. The cultural classes consisted of a wide variety of topics, from basic Tai Chi to calligraphy to the history and uses of Chinese tea. The out-of-the-class events included e.g.  visiting local temples and a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) hospital. 

The food in China is very delicious and cheap. You can easily find some famous Chinese cuisines from college food street. Many people enjoy eating Chinese pancakes which is a delicacy of Shandong province. I love Chinese food, like steamed dim sum, and I can have noodles morning, noon and night, hot or cold. I like food that's very simple on the digestive system - I tend to keep it light. I also like Chinese dumplings , every bite have so many flavors. I highly advise you to try Chinese Hot-Pot or also known as Chinese fondue is always my favorite no matter in hot summer or cold winter.  In China, hot pot has a history over 1000 years and until now, it is still the most popular dish for social or family gathering. In United States, you can buy Chinese food. In Beijing you can buy hamburger. It's very close. Now I feel the world become a big family, like a really big family. I found that Chinese people are very kind, gentle , hospitable and welcoming. People invited me for dinners and they presented me with different kinds of traditional Chinese cuisines and they make sure that I eat  lot of food . Even though some vendors refuse to take money from me because I am a guest to this country.

If you are living in China, you’ll already be familiar with the two online electronic payment methods, which are WeChat Pay and Alipay respectively. You can also visit Taobao for online shopping. With WeChat Pay and Alipay, you can easily make your payment in mainland China such as paying for your bills, transportation, travel-related goods, movie tickets, meals, shopping on the Chinese e-commerce websites or even book an accommodation, and it’s super convenient for you to pay as no cash is needed and you can just go out with your smart phone. Internet in china is really fast and soon 5G technology will be available to local people. There is no shortage of power and electricity in china .Most of the people carry power banks to recharge their phones so they can always be connected with their loved ones with the help of social media.

I got a chance to live with one Chinese family for one week . The time with my Chinese family was a once in a lifetime experience for me.I discovered real Chinese culture every day, how to live with Chinese people, and how they think, I also had a chance to practice my Chinese everyday and build a real relationship with my family. They teach me how to make dumplings. They also teach me about Spring festival .Chinese people take good care of their houses, most of the grocery shopping is done by wife while the husband take care of baby at home . Chinese people like to cook many delicious food at home. Both husband and wife are responsible for the running and taking care of whole family.

China is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world with the history of over 5000 years. Most of the famous China historic and cultural cities were the political, economical and cultural center in ancient China. The building structure in china is solid and they try to make a balance between nature and modern architecture. You can find parks everywhere. The transportation is very reasonable and convenient , all cities are connected with network of small roads, highways and never ending chain of railroads. There are 3 types of trains ,the Normal trains or K-trains, D- trains and G- trains . G-trains are bullets trains or high speed trains and they travel with the speed of more then 300 Km/Hour , That’s really very fast. The public transportation is very cheap and it is available 24/7 . People use buses and subway for their daily commute. The glorious ancient architectures, the splendid landscapes, the hospitable Chinese people, all of these make the tourism industry prosper in the past few decades .

With the great Initiative of Belt and Road by President Xi, there is a chance for my country to learn from china how to make and maintain great infrastructures. There is going to be technology exchange with China and Pakistan, which will improve  quality of life for the people of Pakistan by building roads, railroads, medical exchange programs. This will bring prosperity and harmony in both nations. It is also very important for the progress of this region. I always consider China as a brother country. By learning language in China allows me to be immersed in the culture, I have made friends here that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Though moving to a foreign country is a very difficult experience but I have no regrets about my choice. In my heart China is my second home, forever.

SNYU Library Square

Delicious Chinese sausage and egg scallion pancake roll

Paleontological Museum of Liaoning

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Reply Report SEARU 2020-3-27 11:14
The changing of living environment is a nice book for reading from which you will harvest much more than you expected!
Reply Report Zorro2 2020-3-27 18:00
Things you can expect from China
Reply Report SEARU 2020-3-27 20:47
Zorro2: Things you can expect from China
Reply Report Zorro2 2020-3-29 07:25
SEARU: The changing of living environment is a nice book for reading from which you will harvest much more than you expected!
Reply Report Zorro2 2020-3-29 20:13
well it is indeed and most of it is about having a different cultural exposure
Reply Report Zorro2 2020-3-30 19:36
SEARU: The changing of living environment is a nice book for reading from which you will harvest much more than you expected!
thanks for your support guys
Reply Report Zorro2 2020-4-6 03:56
China is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world with the history of over 5000 years. Most of the famous China historic and cultural cities were the political, economical and cultural center in ancient China.

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