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Exercises! That's why I feel so energetic now!(2)

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Well, first of all, it's 3 minutes to 24:00. I feel exhausted now, although I had a cup of coffe at 10:00 AM, which is supposed to make me stay clear all day long. But, it's midnight. It did work all day long.

Yesterday, I wrote about when and why I started exercises. Today, I wanna talk about something happening right now.

Every week, if it doesn't rain, I would run outside around my neighborhood, twice. Other than that, I would do aerobic exercises like yoga and anaerobic exercises like lifting dumbbells. I am not sure if I was right about those different types but I just know I do all kinds, lol. You can see I don't do group training. Honestly, I am not a group-fan. That doesn't mean I know nothing about co-working. I just want my spare time more concentration and less associations.

However, I need a guider for teaching all the actions and for accompany as well. So I will search some good exercise videos and download them. Recently, I found some on Three of them are my favorite. One is for core exercise, which was guided by a very beautiful woman, who will smile at you right at the time when you feel you can go no further. Music of it is magical. One is for arms, which was guided by Mary Helen Bowers, founder of Ballet Beautiful. After 30 minutes of this vedio, you can find your face full of smile as if you become a beautiful swan. Last but not least, for yoga. The yoga vedio is so help for necks and shoulder. But I would not stick to one certain vedio. I would switch as how my body feel at the time.

 OK. I need to get some sleep. There is more to share, but I'm going to leave it until tomorrow.

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    • Exercises! That's why I feel so energetic now. (1) 2017-4-14 13:30

      hedgehog_run: Wow, Taichi! Good for you~Where do you do the standing stance?

      As for reading, I would recommend it too. A friend of my came up with an idea of readi ...
      One can do the standing stance just about anywhere that is quiet. For me, I often do the exercise out in the open, in the yard, but if the pollution is bad I'll do it in the apartment.

    • Exercises! That's why I feel so energetic now. (1) 2017-4-13 20:55

      Chengking: There are two things I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anybody, exercising and reading. They are pleasurable and beneficial and one can do it one's  ...
      Wow, Taichi! Good for you~Where do you do the standing stance?

      As for reading, I would recommend it too. A friend of my came up with an idea of reading a book per month this year and I've read not only 3 books. In fact, as I started to gain a sense of joyment from reading, I desired to read more. And I began to realise how little I knew and how arrogant I was before.

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