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The hostory of a Squash

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    Today, i wanna tell a story about the pumkin, haha, i don't know whether it was reasonable, but you know, just story. 
     Once  upon a time, a farmer planted a little seed in his garden, and after a while it spouted out and became a vine and bore many squashs. One day in October, when they were ripe, he picked one and took it to the market. A grocer man bought it and put it in his shop.That same morning, a little girl with a brown hat and blue dress, with a round face and surb nose, went and bought it to her mother. She lugged it home, cut it up, and boiled in in a big pot, mashed some of it with salt and butter, for dinner. And to the rest she added a pint of milk, two eggs, four spoons of suger, nutmeg, and some crackers, put it in a deep dish, and baked it till it was brown and nice, and next it was eaten by a family named March. That is the end of the story? Cstyally not. and llet me continue, eeeee, then Mr.March apprasied it, the Squash pie and pleased the little griil's mother to do it same for the three days after his birthday, cos there will be numerous his friends come to. The mother was so kind and promissed him. After that day, very many poeple know tasted it and knew the squash. more and more people stop by the girl's home and went to know the mircale squashs were grew somewhere or how excatly you got the squash. The woman told them that was her honey daughter bought to her and her bought form a gocer man and the man bought from a farmer.... Nowaday, SQUASH, that is, pumkin is well known to all of us. That is all about today i want to share, Thinks your readding, and if you don't mind, very glad to be friend with you!

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Reply Report voice_cd 2016-10-17 08:53
thanks for sharing here, we have highlighted your blog.
Reply Report samthy 2016-10-17 16:15
voice_cd: thanks for sharing here, we have highlighted your blog.
you too, thanks!

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