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Unavoidable Taboo--Death, I Want to Know (Part 6 )

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                           Part 6--Some Changes Needed for Our Education

It is the last topic, but not less sensitive.

From the kindergarten, preliminary school, to middle and high school through to the post-doctoral eduction, in China (not dare to say World), I am certain that nearly none of our textbooks had ever addressed the “death” as a special topic, let alone as a special subject. Say another word, exceptions may exist in the religious schools, colleges and universities.

But human life is also a kind of life, going through birth, aging, ailing and death. It is a pity that we were rarely given lessons on how to perceive the life cycle, how to perceive the afterlife, how to deal with death.

We are customed to see the death of other creatures and even extinction of other species,  may also had experience of our relatives or friends’ death, have we ever thought about ourselves’
death? Should we have some preparation for that moment? What is your view on afterlife? How will you face that moment, in an easy and joyful way, or in an apathetic way, or in an fearful and suffering way?

I heard that “In life, it has no more important things than birth and death”. Everyone of us can see how solemnly and happily we welcome a newborn life to our family, but can we also transform the sorrow and pain in the funeral to joy and happiness?

I am sure it is possible!

But this transformation will cost a lot and involves many aspects of our life and society, in terms of time, mindset change, social education and public opinion. Among them, the social education and public opinion will be the most significant factor for realizing that transformation.

It means that a nation or a group of people should first form a commonly accepted view on death and on afterlife. And this agreeable view will be able to lead not only to a happy end of our life but also to the happy afterlife. Only in this way, can the sorrow and pain brought by death be replaced by joy and happiness.

However, everyone can understand that in such a materialism-dominant world how difficult it will be to address such topics, let alone forming a commonly accepted view leading to a happy and joyful attitude toward one’s last moment. So you can see the least possibility of educating the public in a public way.

Fortunately, while mass education seemingly impossible, self-education or minority education can still be a possible option, the reality is that many masters and sages in the past and today have always been exploring ways for our sake, to which our greatest appreciation must be given.

For us, the only critical problem is whether we are ready to accept, to learn and to practice their teachings. [ The End ]

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