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It is too Early for Chinese to be Complacent

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No doubt, from 2011, China overpassed Japan and became the 2nd economy in the world. And just because of this, a lot of Chinese felt that the time for learning from Japan has gone by forever. Right, something which was in vogue some day really may become outdated; but something not so, or at least it will take longer time to go obsoleted.

Though I had never visited Japan (and I really hope so one day), according to my knowledge, Japan, in some aspects, is truly worth of being learned from. Let’s see it one by one.

Smaller Income disparity: the income gap between the high and low ends is much smaller than that in China. Sorry I have no concrete data, but medias always states like that.

Low corruption: the reports on graft case of high rank officers and public servants seems less than that in China.

High public civility: everyone who has ever visited Japan has to admit that Japanese enjoys fairly high personal quality, treating others very politely and friendly, specifically, they are more environmentally friendly. Each family take care of their daily refuse and trash very scientifically by classifying them according the requirements by authorities.

Universally and reasonably priced healthcare system: we seldom read news about a Japanese who was unable to or has not money to see doctors.

Let’s further take another case in business sectors: quality-orientation has deeply rooted in each of them, either serving the automobile giants or working in a small private restaurant, anywhere, you must admire their professional dedication and  entrepreneurship. When you watch them working, you feel that they are not just simply work, in fact, they are creating art works delicately and wholeheartedly, never can you see them do a job half-heartedly.

Frankly speaking, China’s progress in economy is just a beginning, this kind of achievement cannot be hyped too much. The most difficult success lies in the improvement of the citizen’s spirituality. And this can never be achieved overnight.

China, with over five thousand years of civilization, still lags far behind of Japan in terms of public civility now. The root reason may be attributed by someone to the Great Cultural Revolution, but, to some extent, the orientation of the public opinion after opening to the world cannot be immune to the responsibility.

It has become a universal phenomena that everyone in China is not very confident with the quality of the food they eat, the air they breath, the medicine they take, the soil they farm, even the ground on which they stand... Can you deny this?

Can you neglect the fact that more and more rich class families are emigrating? Most of them, I think, are not unpatriotic. They just cannot tolerate the environments, not only the natural but also the human, anymore.

In the final analysis, at this stage, China has not too much jeton to showcase its complacency, which may only bring further stagnation in both building of spiritual civilization and economic prowess. Each Chinese, either in the high court or in the remote farm, must realize this actuality--the distance between China and Japan. Recognizing this point, will not block our pace forward, but motivate us more powerfully.

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