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Daddy Long Legs

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It has been acknowledged that the book Daddy Long Legs is a must for maidens’ growth. One of the reason is that brimful love and warmth reflected by that book could definitely appeal to readers, and even move them. With great interests, I read the book yesterday, and share something I learned with you.

The author, Jean Webster, is a great American woman, as well as the nephew of Mark Twin. At college, she devoted himself to the community and often contributed her articles to the local press. During that period, she witnessed the terrible life in orphanage, which laid the foundation for her later creation about orphans. After graduation, she became a free-lancer and novelist. Daddy Long Legs is her most typical work.
Daddy Long Legs is an epistolary novel containing 78 letters Judy writes to her never-seeing daddy. Brought up in the orphanage, Judy must bear the burden of cleaning and washing in the orphanage. For many years, she has rarely enjoyed the happiness of families. Until at the age of eighteen, Judy is admitted to college sponsored by a mysterious trustee because of her brilliant composition. Her life begins to change.

With no family and friends, Judy regards daddy long legs as the only member of her family, and communicates with him casually by writing letters. Even though there is no response, Judy is persistent to write, never thinking of giving up writing. She knows that daddy is busy with his business and he is truly concerned about her. After all, she has a sot of family and she belongs to someone now. That’s a very comfortable sensation. She pours out all she wants to express, including her happiness, sorrow, worries and so on.Every several days, she will talks to her daddy. 

It is undeniable that Judy is a diligent and smart girl. When it comes to study, you will be overwhelmed. She has a desperate desire for learning and has achieved great achievement. She has read numerous classics, which is a big advantage for building her character. With her allowance, she wears a silver watch on her wrist and always remember to recite poems in time. She has an ambition to become an author, for she is keen on reading and writing. After the long tempt and efforts, she realizes her dream eventually.

At the meanwhile, Judy also suffers a lot. But anyway, she has obtained something she wants and learns to face every crushing tragedy with courage. Yes, she is developing a beautiful character---I droops a bit under cold and frost, but it does grow fast when the sun shines.

At the farm, she comes across Master Jervis, who is about 15 years older than Judy, but attracts her in some way. Master Jervis is a kind and humorous man. Sometimes, Judy will turn to him for comfort. They get along well, go to the cinema and travel together. At the farmyard, they have great fun playing with animals and watching the beautiful sunset. Gradually, she realizes that she has been in love with Master Jervis. Without his company, she will feel self-contempt and miss him very much. But considering his noble status, Judy couldn’t worry about their future. Unfortunately, Judy talks this with her daddy. This time, regards to her trouble, daddy offers his opinion. Judy couldn’t express her more gratitude to daddy from the bottem of her heart.

Unfortunately, when she hears that Master Jervis and daddy are both ill, she is extremely anxious. Permitted by daddy’s secretary, she gets the access to visiting her daddy. What a surprise! Master Jervis is exactly her daddy. In an instant, she couldn’t help it. They talk with each other and stay for a long while. That moment, they belong to each other and it seems very, very sweet. She says,“I shall never let you be sorry for a single instant.” The ending is so touching and beautiful that it brings readers resonance as well as a peace of mind. 


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Reply Report Kevinfly 2016-1-25 09:37
It seems a touch book, I would like to read this book later.
Reply Report Echo/hanhan 2016-1-28 19:04
Kevinfly: It seems a touch book, I would like to read this book later.
Yes, this book is well worth reading. Thank you, my dear friend
Reply Report saver 2016-2-1 13:27
hi,hanhan .today i read your article about "daddy long legs".i am really touched ,i have never before seen the novel ,for your description,i will go to buy this book .by the way ,you make mistake again,come on
Reply Report Echo/hanhan 2016-2-1 16:44
saver: hi,hanhan .today i read your article about "daddy long legs".i am really touched ,i have never before seen the novel ,for your description,i ...
OK, thank you. I will try to be better
Reply Report Echo/hanhan 2016-2-2 00:28
saver: hi,hanhan .today i read your article about "daddy long legs".i am really touched ,i have never before seen the novel ,for your description,i ...
Hi, Saver. I have just read the article again, and do find some small mitakes. Thank you, again and I will try to make more rechecking after every composition to improve.

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