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Giving Children Cell Phones

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Nowadays, in order to keep in touch perfectly with their children, an increasing number of parents tend to equip them with different kinds of cell phones. What they think about is just to provide an approach to communicate with kids as well as enrich their life by listening to music. If possible, they hope cell phones can explore children’s talents or imagination.

Though the initial idea of parents is obviously simple, a great many problems still come up. First, instead of frequently calling their parents or sending messages, children spend most of their time playing games or chatting with friends over Wechat or QQ. As a consequence, children seem to keep little contact with their parents. At the same time, parents fail to understand their own kids better, which casts a risk for the relationship between kids and parents. Additionally, some students get addicted to playing cell phones, never caring about their study at all. We often notice some children lower their head down and play their phones on the bus, or in the street. Most time is taken up in entertainment, resulting in their poor grades. Moreover, because of the brands of cell phones, some children desire branded phones, like i-phone, so that they can show their good taste and fancy style. Definitely it is not beneficial to create a nice atmosphere to focus on learning.

Children are the future of our country, just as the beautiful flowers in the big garden. What if all children become addicted to cell phones? It is a thought-provoking problem, which concerns all of us. This hot-debated issue is related to family parenting, school education and social care as well. Maybe it is time for us all to face the problem and attempt to work out some means. After all, everything about children is essential for our future.  

Personally, it is still necessary for every student to have phones, especially in the Information Age. We can’t deny the powerful function of cell phones, as they do make our life colorful and vivid. We, however, should make a guarantee that children use phones reasonably. Only in this way can phones bring benefits for children and even next generation.

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Reply Report HenLaoLaoShi 2016-1-10 22:45
We are a foreign family in China and our language skills are limited.  Our children each have a cell phone but a very basic one.  The phones are primarily for emergency communication with us, their parents.  The can text on their phone but are unable to play games on them.
Reply Report Echo/hanhan 2016-1-10 23:19
HenLaoLaoShi: We are a foreign family in China and our language skills are limited.  Our children each have a cell phone but a very basic one.  The phones are prima ...
I can understand what you have done for your chidren about phones. I think it is reasonable and can work out the way you expect.    thank you

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