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My failure of the speaking competition taught me a lesson

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Last Sunday, I participated in the 21stChina Daily “21st Century Coca Cola Cup” National English Speaking Competition. I did not receive an ideal reward from the competition. However, this competition did teach me a lesson.

Before the competition, I was proud of my getting the chance to join the regional final. Considering how fluent I can speak English, I did not think this competition would not be so hard for me to deal with. Surprisingly, it was after the competition that I truly realized there is more than fluency in the speech.

Luckily, I did not have butterflies in my stomach during my speech. However, I did repeat several conjunctions due to lack of practice. I had no one except myself to blame for inadequate preparation. I just returned from Beijing to Tianjin after the national reading competition. It might make me feel better concerning that I do not have enough time to prepare for this contest. Nonetheless, I really should have prepared more before. Not only for this contest, but also for my own English speaking abilities.

The English speaking abilities are not built in one day. I should have practiced pronunciation, critical thinking and so on more often. Moreover, I should have been more passionate. During the competition, my words were in need of passion. Excitement and expressiveness left me behind during the speech. What I said appeared to be as bland as water even though I used many elegant and beautiful phrases and structure in my speech.

Furthermore, I failed to understand the first question posed by the teacher. I could not understand the latter part of her question. Therefore, I responded with the first question at my own will and proposed some quite radical ideas, which leads to the bad results of my score. I should have the courage to ask for one more time. My ignorance made me pay the price in the end.

No matter how bad the result was this time, I have already learned a lesson from this failure, which is I still need to work hard in the future. This may sound like a cliché to you. However, it is just like an eternal truth. There is always someone better than me somewhere. Therefore, I shall never let pride engulf me. Whatsoever, I am still far away form being a perfect English learner. From now on, I will try my best to lead a passionate life and grab every minute to practice English speaking.

No matter what happened these days, I own the chance to change my fortune in the future. I still got the chance to join more English competitions and shored up my abilities. Passion can be a part of me in the near future. I will never give up till the end of the world. 

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