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  Today it is my second time to teach a demo class before teaching students. I have prepared for it  for almost one week. In a word, I am satisfied with what I have performed. This moment had nothing to do with the result. It had almost been one year that I enjoyed one moment I tried my best. This feeling has been far away from me for nearly one year. I used to work really hard for what I aim at. No matter what the result is, I can accept it. Thanks for those who had helped me during the preparation. Without your suggestions, I would not have made progress. Thanks for my parents who always support me. In the end, thanks for myself to try to pursue my dream.
  Life is hard, but we must try. Looking back to 2016, I faced so many challenges I have never imagined and encountered in my life. I predicted that I might fail and be rejected, but I never thought it would develop like this. I took part in more than ten exams, but I failed all of them. I hunted for jobs for nearly one month. In my most desperated moment, my first job finally arrived. I felt really excited and looked forward to my new life. However, who would have imagined that I was kicked out by this company on the day I became the offcial staff without any preparation. I still clearly remembered that day. It was 26th October, 2016 and rainy. After I entered the gate of the company, none of my colleagues said hello to me and they just ignored me. My supervisor kept making difficulties, making me furious. I just lost my control and said critical things about her, which surprised her. Then she kept silent and everything went smoothly. I ended with my first job after graduatiion in such an embarassing way. I went home and prepared for the national civil servant exam again for one month. After I finished the exam, I picked up my courage and looked for my second job. Luckily, this company chose me. I felt very happy and I was no longer a lay man.
  This time I stood at the crossroads  whether I stay or go. Whatever the result is, I will smile at life and walk towards my goal.

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  • Can not Think of a Topic 2017-4-16 10:32

    Well, it's good to have a plan. Keep trying, you'll be fine..

  • Something about Rio Olympics 2016-12-15 14:54

    mikky48: That will be great of Chinese team
    I would like to share my blogs here with you,hope you can like it.
    ok, that's great. Welcome!

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