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  Lately I had been very busy with my new job. It's been one month since my first job. Yeah, I had found my second job and tried to fit myself in it. Almost one month passed, it turned out that I was not ready for my second job and I did not do it very well. For the first two months, I was very positive and devoted myself to it with all my heart. And in the third month, I just changed my attitude and was not very energetic. Today I had my demo class before teaching in real classes. Obviously, I screwed up. How to say? In my mind, it was the most disgusting class I had taught in my life. Eh.....
  Ever since I graduated from May, I had struggled in what kind of jobs I really wanted to. I just rejected the job my parents arranged and chose one I applied for. You can say, I am an idealist not a realistic person. And unexpectedly, I was fired after three months due to my childishness. I was not very familiar with the sophistication and too confident about myself. I was shocked and depressed when hearing that I was fired. It's really unacceptable, which had never been happened in my life before. Then, I chose to go back home and prepared the exam. After I took the exam, I decided to go on and started to find my second job. Luckily, I got it after my second interview. And now, you could see the result. Perhaps I lost the chance again.
  I have to admit that I am an idealist to the great extent. I have my dreams and always choose to follow my dream whatever I encounter. This time proves that I am too young too naive. This is life and I have to accept. Life is life, it is not something you can play with. There is no ideal in the big cities. The only way to live in big cities is to work hard and support yourself. If at that time, you still have ideals and you may pursue.
  Time to stop walking, just thinking.

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  • Can not Think of a Topic 2017-4-16 10:32

    Well, it's good to have a plan. Keep trying, you'll be fine..

  • Something about Rio Olympics 2016-12-15 14:54

    mikky48: That will be great of Chinese team
    I would like to share my blogs here with you,hope you can like it.
    ok, that's great. Welcome!

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