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Little Thoughts about Harry Potter Series

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Recently, I’ve bought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I read it immediately I got the e-book version.

Up till now, I haven’t finished reading the novel. I just finished the part that Harry’s and Draco’s son prepared to save Cedric’s life by using Timeturner. When I read the act 1 scene 1, I almost cried. This is just the rewriting of the last series!

My mind went back to the year 2008. I remembered the last book in this series had just published before I went to high school. At that time, the Chinese version hadn’t been come out, but I bought the novel without hesitation. I had never thought whether I could understand the original work. I just wanted to know how the story developed. I still remembered that it took me four hours to finish the first chapter. I had little English vocabulary and the novel contained a lot of new words, so I had to look up into the dictionary a lot. However, even if I knew the meaning of the word, I still felt confused about the whole sentence. But as long as I understood any plot, no matter how insignificant it was, I felt extremely proud of myself. I have a friend in my class who also loved reading HP series. We often talked about it at lunch time.

I think J.K Rowling is a great author. She creates a magical world that has a complete system. From this world, you can see both beautiful lives and ugly struggles. It is so real, just like human society. Besides, its authenticity lies in the characters she has set. I’ve read many novels, some of which have a problem. The hero is too perfect to be real. But in HP series, even Harry, who has saved the whole wizard world, has some disadvantages. For example, he doesn’t have grade as good as Hermione’s; he shows no respect to Professor Snape, which makes him a rebellious boy at his age. Dudley, a spoiled child and a bully among teenagers, had often made Harry suffer a lot, but put a cup of tea outside his bedroom before his departure. Snape, which I think is the most successful character in this novel, had set difficulties for Harry since he enrolled in Hogwarts. Harry had hated him for six years, but realized his greatness in the last moment before his death. Rowling tells us, that if you really love someone, you could be more humble than you’ve thought you could be.

One of the most important theme in this novel is friendship. Harry, Ron and Hermione, they had quarrel; they had separation; but they are friends forever. I’m quite impressed by one scene. When Harry defeated Voldemort, he turned to Ron and Hermione, and the three left the chaotic crowd. At that time, Harry didn’t think of Ginny who brought him the happiest time in his sixth grade, nor Dumbledore, who guided the three in the battle against Voldemort. All he thinks about are his two friends, who had accompanied him all the way along. To Harry, no one is more important than his two friends. He didn’t have a home, but he had a family.

The story ends when they have grown up and had their own family. How I wish Rowling could continue her writing! This series have accompanied my youth. And I should show my gratitude to Rowling, for giving me an excellent memory. 

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