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Spring Festival means family reunion with a homemade hot pot

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I love hot pot, just as many people do. Sometimes I even think why I should bother to learn how to cook with such great dishes being created. I will never get sick of this dish even if I have it every day. Apart from its delicious taste, hot pot requires no cooking skills. You boil all you want to eat, no matter meat or vegetable, and dip them into sauce, which can be bought in the supermarket. So hot pot becomes a good choice during the Spring Festival due to its time-saving advantage so that you can have more energy to entertain the guests.

Our family had hot pot this evening. We used a special pot before, just like what many restaurants are using now. Since it was not very easy to wash, we replaced it with an induction cooking. To be honest, I'm still in favor of the traditional pot because it looks like more professional. Haha!

We bought many food in the supermarket. The satisfaction of engulfing all your favorite things at one time is the essence of the hot pot. Do you know what I like the most to have? Bean sprout. One second you scald them in the pot and the next you will enjoy the water in the bean sprout erupting in your mouth and the crispy sound when you chew them.

Next let's talk about the homemade sauce, which largely decides the texture. My mother is really good at making the hot pot sauce. Look at the picture. You think there's only sesame paste in the bowl? Of course not. Many other ingredients are put also in it. Here's "the secret recipe": leek flower, fermented bean curd, white sugar, light soy sauce, salt and sesame oil. There is a fine line among the proportion of each ingredient. I couldn't make the sauce as delicious as my mother did. She said it needs practice. The more you try, the better you keep the balance among those ingredients.

Of course, coke is necessary for a wonderful meal!

I think the most important reason why many people like hot pot is that the way we eat it reduces the distance between people. Everyone sits around the pot and we share the same vessel. People are more likely to talk in such a condition.
After having the delicious hot pot, my whole body got warm. I felt I was the happiest person in the world!

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Reply Report Chengking 2016-5-16 21:09
Hot pot is a favorite in my family, too. It is extremely healthy with practically no cooking oil and nothing is over-cooked.

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