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What was like of being a liaison officer?

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A week ago, I accompanied some stuff in embassy to listen to music in Beijing Concert Hall on Feb 2nd.

It all started in the middle of January, when I found an ad recruiting English volunteers. I've never done such kind of work before, so I signed up with great curiosity. The next day, I was invited to a Wechat group which was used for announcing information and reporting questions. We were told that our position was called liaison officer, who would guide some stuff in embassies to listen to music in Beijing Concert Hall. We had a training before the day's coming so that we could be familiar with the whole process. Our job was not that complicated actually. We greeted those staff immediately after they got off the special car; then we guided them to a meeting room, where they would have a small talk; after that we accompanied them to the hall to listen to the concert. Each of us was responsible for a country. And I was told that the staff were from Indian Embassy. Indian Embassy! I felt both exciting and nervous. I've never talked to an Indian before, so it would be a great chance to learn more about them. But Indian accent was hard to understand. What if I couldn't understand any word he said? The leader gave me a telephone number and told me to check how many people would get here and when they would arrive. I dialed the number but no one answered. Maybe he thought it was a sale calling. So I texted a message, telling him my intention. Several minutes later my cellphone rang. I picked up and a voice said: “Good evening." Very pure Indian accent. Somehow I forgot all of worries and fears. I told him quite naturally who I was and what my job was. I was so happy to find that I could understand what he said. He told me he would come alone and would phone me after he arrived here.

I kept picturing what he was like. The thought of meeting an Indian several hours later made me so excited. Finally he appeared. A typical Indian appearance. He was tall and had grey hair. We shook hands to each other as a courtesy. Later I guided him to the meeting room, outside which there were snacks and drinks on the table. He ate some biscuits after the meeting ended and went into the hall.

The music was a mixture of Chinese and Western instruments. The composers spent three years to finish the whole movement. After the concert ended, I accompanied him to his car. I asked him whether he liked the concert, he said it was terrific and beautiful.

My job was done as soon as he went on his car. Now when I recall that day's experience, I think I gain a lot. First, I conquer my fear of speaking to a stranger. I was always nervous in the face of a foreigner. I don't know what I could say when I was with them. But after this experience, I found courage to do so. Second, I've made a lot of friends in one night. Before those guests arrived, we needed to wait for them in the hall. While we were waiting, we chatted with each other and friended each other on Wechat.

It was really an unforgettable experience.

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Reply Report 宁檬 2016-2-16 15:02
Lovely experience! Why were you nervous to talk with foreigners before? There's a lot to talk about. Try more.
Reply Report Echotian 2016-2-16 15:32
宁檬: Lovely experience! Why were you nervous to talk with foreigners before? There's a lot to talk about. Try more.
Perhaps because I'm an introversive girl. But I think I'm more outgoing than before.

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